Easiest Minnie Mouse Cupcake Idea, Ever | Kid Friendly Things To Do

Easy Minnie Mouse Cupcake

Easy to make Minnie Mouse Cupcakes.


  • Cupcakes
  • Pink cupcake wrappers – I love the firm paper cupcake wrappers that I found on Amazon
  • Pink frosting – before you put it in the piping bag, make sure it is stiff enough to hold your decorations. Check out the notes below…
  • Oreo Cookies – or the store brand version
  • Red Fruit Roll-Ups – with no writing or pictures printed on (hard to find these days)
  • optional: powdered sugar

Other Equipment: 

  • piping bag with a star tip


Place cupcakes in pretty pink cupcake wrappers
Using your piping bag filled with pink frosting, frost the cupcakes


making Minnie Mouse cupcakes

You’ll want to unwrap your red roll up, and cut a strip about 6 inches in length – if you have to piece two pieces together because you couldn’t find just plain red (it happens) then use a dab of water to make them seal together

making Minnie Mouse cupcakes
Start by folding the ends of the fruit roll-up toward the center. Pinch the middle of the fruit rollups in between your thumb and finger

making Minnie Mouse cupcakes
Take another strip about 2 inches long – this will be the middle of the bow
Fold the small strip in half so it is narrow and long

making Minnie Mouse cupcakes
Wrap this around the middle of the bow and pinch them back to seal

making Minnie Mouse cupcakes

Add some frosting to the bottom of the Oreo cookies and push them onto the middle of the cupcake
Place your bow in front of the Oreo cookies


Are your cookies falling off of the cupcake?

Your frosting could be too thin. It should be stiff and not oily. You can test it by scooping some out with a silicone spatula and holding it upside down. Does it form a stiff curve? If it doesn’t have a curve or melts right off, then it’s too thin

  • If you made homemade frosting, add some more softened butter or whatever you used as a thickening agent (like cream cheese) to thicken it for piping
  • you can thicken store-bought frosting with powdered sugar (add 1 Tbsp. at a time until it is your desired consistency) or use toothpicks inserted into the cupcake to hold the cookies in place (be sure to let your kids know to remove any toothpicks before eating their cupcakes)