Finding Dory Party Drink for Kids

This Finding Dory Party Drink for Kids is so darn cute. It’s the perfect drink for those Finding Dory or ocean themed birthday parties. Of course, I made it simple to make, because who has time for complicated? (Especially…when you’re trying to pull a party together). 

A Finding Dory Party Drink for Kids width=

Finding Dory Party Drink

Believe me, I just pulled off another birthday party in the Haines’ House. I know that the less complicated, the better for everyone. Come on in and I’ll show you how to make this fun Finding Dory Party Drink for the Kids.

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For this Finding Dory Drink, You’ll Need:

A Finding Dory Party Drink for Kids - This is the perfect drink of an ocean themed or Finding Dory birthday party! -

  • A large container for your drink – I used a glass container
  • A blue drink – I used Hawaiian Punch
  • Ice
  • (2) 4″ Half Foam Balls
  • (2) Brown felt circles – 3 inches wide
  • (2) black felt circles – 2&1/2 inches wide
  • (2) yellow foam triangles with a curved center – Mine is about 3″ x 4″, but you’ll probably adjust that to the size of your container
  • Fabri Tac Glue – This is my alternative to hot glue and it does such a great job. Honestly, this is the only glue that I would use in this craft.
  • Glue stick – for a backup glue


A Finding Dory Party Drink for Kids - This is the perfect drink of an ocean themed or Finding Dory birthday party! -

  • Assemble the eyes by gluing the brown felt circles to the white balls
  • *I made mine off-centered. In a lot of Finding Dory images, the pupils are kind of to the side
  • Glue the black felt over the brown
  • *I did the same with the black. I made them off-centered
  • Now, using the fabric-tac glue, add some glue to the backs of the foam balls
  • Stick them onto the glass container and then take them off
  • Let the glue on the container and the glue on the balls, set up and begin to get sticky for about 1 minute
  • Place the eyes back onto the container – they should stick now without falling
  • Follow the same procedure for the fins
  • When you’re ready to party, fill the container with ice and the drink

A Finding Dory Party Drink for Kids - This is the perfect drink of an ocean themed or Finding Dory birthday party! -

  • You are done, my friend!

Tips and tricks for making this Finding Dory Drink Idea…

  • Be careful in transporting the finished creation to the party table. You don’t want to pull an eye off
  • Everything should stick just fine. If the glue can’t handle the condensation and something falls off…use the glue stick to re-stick the stuff. It does a good job with condensation.
  • Don’t worry though, my pieces didn’t fall off at all! I actually had to pull the eyes off
  • *I’m going to insert a suggestion for those of you that are worried about gluing something to your container.  Try a little experiment to set your mind at ease with inexpensive glass. See if the glue comes off of that when you need it to.

    I can attest to my experience with my particular glass container. I know this glue really well. We go way back. I use it all of the time. I had “zero” worries when I glued this to my glass container.

A Finding Dory Party Drink for Kids - This is the perfect drink of an ocean themed or Finding Dory birthday party! -

Here’s some stuff you might need or even want for this idea:

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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Lettie

    When I pull the stuff off clean or is my container ruined?

    1. Melissa

      I can not attest for every type of container, but I have used this glue, over and over, throughout my crafting days and I know it well. I happened to use a glass container and my container is as good as new. This particular glue is a lot like a sticky gel. It should pull right off. In some cases you might need to rub it off with a wet cloth. If you are really worried, you might want to test it out on a similar surface, like an inexpensive glass.

  2. Launa Shepard

    My granddaughter recently turned 3 and had a finding dory birthday party and we used ur idea of the dory drink container and it was a huge hit and so easy to do. I even achieved an awesome Hank rescuing dory in the coffee pot cake. My granddaughter loved every second of that party thanks for the great idea!!!!!!

    1. Melissa

      Oh my goodness! This warms my heart to hear this! I love it! Thank you so much for taking the time to come back to the site and tell me about your party success! And, of course, Happy Birthday to the birthday girl!