If You Could Save a Child By Buying 1 Movie Ticket, Would You?

Really, that’s all you have to do. You just have to go to the movies! Usually, I sit back and think, I wish I could help, but how? How could I possibly leave and go on some crazy mission to help kids? I have four that need me, right here. This movie that I mentioned above, The Abolitionists has made it possible for you and I to help kids suffering in unimaginable ways and we don’t even have to leave our home town to do it. There’s no catch. No money donations. Just go watch a movie. Really, that’s it!

Abolitionist Premiere Event

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting some pretty cool people and attend a Private Press Screening of an amazing documentary. That’s me, third from the left, posing for a picture with Gerald Molen. The people in black t-shirts are Abolitionists. They save kids, everyday! The other two are my blogging buddies.

I usually post fun, cute stuff on this blog. This kind of serious topic stuff, intimidates the heck out of me. I don’t like it at all. I’m not one to deal with controversial topics or give you my opinion on how to raise your children. Having four kids has taught me that no one is the master of raising kids. I could easily manage a classroom filled with someone else’s kids, but my own…they own me!
I have had many days of telling myself…”Just forget it” “The movie will do fine without me.” “The big blogs can get the word out.” “Really, who reads my blog?” LOL! I am a big chicken! Really, I can’t stand asking anyone for help with anything. I’m just stubborn, I guess. But, because I’ve been woken up a few nights thinking about it…I guess I really should see this through. Here goes nothing!
I recently had the privilege of attending a private press screening for an amazing movie called The Abolitionists. It’s funny, the week before I flew out to Salt Lake City, to attend this conference, our life groups (our twice a month get-together with a few church families) topic was “missions”. I brought up the church trips to Gautemala and  talked about how I would love to go on one of the trips one day, and give the pregnant 12  and 13 year old girls some love. Just talking about children and abuse brings tears to my eyes and I can’t watch the trailer below,without my eyes tearing up. It’s definitely a soft spot for me.
At the conference, when I heard that our group of ladies was going to be given the opportunity to watch a private screening of a sex slave movie. I did not intend on going. I didn’t want those images stuck in my head. But, after meeting Gerald Molen and the rest of the crew – directors, and agents, I changed my mind. They must have known that would be a deterrent for some, because one of the first things they mentioned was how the movie was PG-13 and was done in a way that is tasteful and without images that might leave you upset. They convinced me. I’d go, but I thought I might look away during most of it.
I went and you know what? I didn’t feel the need to look away, at all. I watched it and my heart filled with hope. Of course, you can’t help, but be saddened by it, also. The movie left me feeling more empowered than helpless.  All they (The people in today’s Underground Rail Road –  Operation Underground Rail Road) want us to do is spread the word, and get people to watch the One Night movie event on May 16th – Pack the theaters!  Because, if the world sees an interest, the theaters will open up to more screenings, and the movies will spread out over the nation. People will get the chance to see the movies in their local theaters and become aware of this crazy life some children are exposed to. Guess, what. It’s not just children in other countries. It’s happening in your town or the town next to you. This is the 3rd most lucrative crime in the world! We need to know this information and be aware, so we can protect our own children!
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Gerald Molen, the producer of Schindler’s List, Jurrasic Park, and so many more…said the reason he approached the men about making this documentary was that, if he had been able to expose Schindler’s List during the time of the horrific crimes, the outcome might have been very different. People need to be aware of this now, while it is happening.
You can make a difference! Spread the word. Share this post. Share an image. Please watch the trailer, below.
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Purchase tickets: here

Here’s the story behind the dog tag that Gerald Molen put around our necks. I wear mine everyday to remind me of the movie and the cause. If you’re not convinced yet, watch this. 
If nothing else…I spread the word to one more person. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
~Melissa – KidFriendlyThingsToDo.com

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