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Homemade Chalk Recipe

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The kids had the great idea of using my fabric chalk board as memo boards. So, of course, they needed some chalk! Hence, the chalk recipe! Here it is!:

You’ll Need: for each color

  • 1/4 cup Plaster of Paris
  • 1/8 cup of Warm Water
  • 1-2 T of Washable Paint
  • Disposable Bowls are a good idea
  • Plastic ice molds, or wax paper cut into rectangles to roll the chalk dough into


  • Homemade Chalk Recipe
  • Pour the plaster of paris and warm water into a bowl
  • Stir in the colored paint
  • Homemade Chalk Recipe
  • The mixture will start to thicken up as you add the paint – I have no idea why the paint addition make it thick, but it’s fun to watch
  • Once you see that the mixture is turning into a thick frosting consistency, they you are ready to shape the chalk
  • If you are using wax paper sheets, then just spread some chalk mixture onto the edge of the wax paper and roll it up
  • Or – pour into your molds
  • Let the chalk sit for about 24 hours – making sure it’s nice and dry before you unwrap it
  • Homemade Chalk Recipe
  • That’s it! Have fun!
  • This recipe was adapted from iheartnaptime.net 
  • I love the name!

~Melissa – KidFriendlyThingsToDo.com – recipes, crafts, fun foods, party ideas, and fun things to do with your kids!

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