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Play this water balloon game at your next birthday or summer party. It’s the perfect way to cool off and have fun this summer for kids, teens, and adults. This is a great game for any Pirate themed party or just a great game to cool off with on a hot day. Come on in and I’ll show you how to set up and play this fun Water Game…

fun water balloon game to play

Each one of the kids and adults couldn’t wait to play this game. 

Pirate Water Balloon Summer Game

The latex balloons proved to be a lot more tough to pop than we originally thought they would be. The kids had to really whack at them for a while. 

Pirate Water Balloon Summer Game

The water balloons were more like a tough pinata which is really what this game reminds me of. 

water game for kids

Just like a pinata has candy inside,  some of the balloons have a coin inside. The trick is finding the balloons that have the treasure and popping them open. The tricky part after that is finding the coin on the ground. They tend to fly out and somehow blend into the ground. Putting a tarp around the tree might help locate them a little easier. 

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Here’s What You’ll Need to Set up for this Fun Summer Water Game…

  • Black Balloons – enough so each player can have at least 2 balloons to hit
  • *I used Latex – Helium Quality Balloons which is why they were so tough to break open. If you use balloons that are meant as water balloons, they will probably be much more thin and easier to break
  • Water
  • Plastic bin to contain balloons for a short period of time
  • Pirate Coin, gem or something similar to place in the balloon
  • *We originally used corn kernels which are easily inserted but next to impossible to find on the ground
  • Strong twine or rope to hang balloons
  • Plastic baseball bat 
  • Prizes – one for each coin you’ve placed into a  balloon

Instructions for Setting up this Fun Water Game…

setting up a fun water balloon game

  • Place gems or coins in at least half of the balloons, leaving some balloons empty
  • Fill the balloons with water and tie them 
setting up a fun water balloon game

  • Place them in your container
  • Take them outside to a tree that has low hanging, sturdy branches
setting up a fun water balloon game

  • Tie them up so they are high, but low enough to reach with a bat
  • Place a plastic bat nearby for hitting the balloons

*Tips on placing a coin into a small opening of a balloon

  • Blow the balloon up with air – fully – and release the air. This stretches the balloon out
  • Stretch the opening several times
  • Fold the opening over and have someone else insert the coin into the balloon

Playing this Water Balloon Game for kids, teens and adults…

fun water balloon game to play

  • Kids should take turns picking balloons to whack with the plastic bat, bursting them open so water will splash on them and hopefully revealing a coin or token inside
  • *Be sure other players are back far enough so they wont get hit by the bat. People tend to get very enthusiastic when trying to pop the balloon and don’t pay attention
  • After the balloon has popped open, look very carefully around for the coin or token. Look in the balloon pieces and on the ground. If they find a coin or token, they should keep it to trade it in later for a prize
  • Let the next player go and try to find a hidden treasure in their balloon
  • Hopefully, you’ve filled enough balloons so that players can each have several turns
fun water balloon game to play

Playing this at school or parking lot location…

*A parking lot would certainly make it easier to spot a coin or token dropping out of the balloons

  • You could set up 2 ladders, several feet apart with a long wooden rod secured to steps on the two ladders
  • Set up balloons across the wooden rod and play as directed 
  • Have adults put weight on the ladders so they don’t tip when players are whacking away at the balloons 

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