Hostess Snoball Pumpkin Treat Idea Cakes | Kid Friendly Things To Do

pumpkin patch treat idea


  • Orange Sno Balls – Hostess
  • Rolled Wafers – Pictured Below
  • Green Apple – pull and peel Twizzlers Licorice
  • Pencil or another round object


  • Using a sawing motion cut the rolled wafer to the desired size of your stem
  • Peel a strand or two from the green apple licorice, cut a piece into about 3 inches, and wrap it around your pencil to curly stem look – press it together to make sure it’s sticking to itself
  • Slide the licorice off of the pencil
  • Push the wafer – pumpkin stem, and Curly green licorice into the top of the orange Sno Ball


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This is what I mean by wafers.