Kid-Friendly Halloween Vampire Drink Recipe | Kid Friendly Things To Do

kid friendly vampire drink


  • 2 Liters of Clear Lemon Lime Flavored Soda, such as Sprite
  • *Sprite is definitely my preferred soda. I’ve tried it with others, and the taste just wasn’t the same
  • Cherry Kool-Aid liquid (the concentrated stuff) or GRENADINE SRYUP
  • Medicine Syringes – (Viles for blood)
  • Ice Cubes –  enough to pack each glass or cup
  • cups or glasses that are clear to see the Vampire drinks in their full glory


  • Squeeze some of the concentrated Kool-Aid into a bowl
  • Fill medicine syringes – each with about 2 ml. of Kool-Aid
  • Pour soda into individual glasses that are full of  ice
  • Place fangs on top of the ice, or drape them over the side of the cup
  • Give out syringes of Kool-Aid concentrate or Grenadine – 1 per glass of soda filled with 2 ml. of kool-aid or syrup
  • The kids shouldn’t have to squeeze the syringes of Kool-Aid into their drinks. They should just stick the syringe of Kool-Aid into the drink. The Sprite should actually pull the Kool-aid out of the syringe all on its own. They can just sit back and watch as the Kool-Aid makes its way down through the crevices of the stacked ice giving a very bloody effect


Can I Make This Drink Ahead of Time?

Not really. It’s a drink that you should prepare while everyone is at the party and hopefully watching. Think about it like serving drinks at a bar. The bartender would do it one at a time and right in front of you.

However, you can prepare the syringes of bloody syrup ahead of time

What Can I Put in the syringe in place of concentrated Kool-Aid?

I know that you can use Grenadine syrup and have the same look and maybe even a better-tasting Shirley Temple. In theory, you should also be able to use maraschino cherry juice

Can I Turn this into an Adult Beverage and use alcohol?

  • I have not tested it with alcohol, but you can certainly try it. I would use a cranberry-flavored Sprite, some clear vodka, and Grenadine syrup as a good start to a fun adult Vampire drink


*Eventually, after seeing your cool drink transform before your eyes, most of the Kool-Aid will spread throughout the soda and the soda will take on a layered look. Amazingly, some of the soda will still stay separated from the Kool-Aid. The top half will probably turn a blush color, then red, then clear. The drink starts to combine as you move it around.  If you let the drink sit, it will happen more gradually. I timed my drink which was sitting on the counter,  for about 1/2 hour and it was still not mixed entirely. That cool definition was still there. The Kool-Aid and soda mixed together taste delicious  – kind of like a Shirley Temple.