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 Three simple ingredients are all it takes to make this fun and gross sweet treat – Graham Cracker Band-Aids. These are the perfect fun Halloween Treat for your Halloween Party. Come on in and I’ll show you how I made these Halloween Treats and you can too…

Graham Cracker Band-Aids Halloween Treat
  • Graham crackers cut into fourths – Here’s a tip: – using a knife make a sawing motion on the perforated strips to get a clean line.
  • White frosting
  • Red food decorating gel, red frosting or use melted red chocolate as I did in these photos
  • *I’ve used frosting gel and red chocolate – they both work great, but the gel has an extra yuck factor, which is nice for Halloween
Graham Cracker Band-Aids Halloween Treat


  • Apply white frosting to the center of the graham cracker strip – to resemble the white section of a Band-Aid
  • Add a little dab of red gel frosting, regular frosting or melted chocolate to make the Band-Aid bloody
Graham Cracker Band-Aids Halloween Treat

~Melissa – KidFriendlyThingsToDo.Com

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