Spider Legs Pantyhose Game

This hilarious pantyhose game is perfect for Halloween or other holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Create spider legs with pantyhose and play the Spider Legs Pantyhose Game for a fun and silly Halloween game this year.

spider legs pantyhose game

Spider Legs Pantyhose Game

An easy game to put together for a fun night of play. This would be a great youth group activity or a fun minute-to-win-it game for parties.

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Here’s what I love about this game :

  • it’s easy to plan and set up
  • fun for all ages
  • a great Halloween theme or you can play it at any party


What is the Pantyhose Game?

The pantyhose game’s object is to move a round object across the finish line without using your hands or feet. A pantyhose and a ball are used in place of your hands or feet.  You’ll need to place a ball, grapefruit, or orange into one pair of pantyhose. Wrap the socks around the player’s waist. The player must then, hit a balloon, ball, or another round object across the finish line or into a designated area

 What Holidays Can You Play the Spider Legs Pantyhose Game?

  • Halloween is perfect because of the spider reference
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Youth Group Activity
  • School Parties

Do you have to have Teams?

No. You could all compete against each other and time the game so that the contestant with the fasted time wins. This would make a great Minute to Win It game

Tips and Tricks

  • substitute a tennis ball in place of a 4-inch rubber ball
  • don’t have a shoe box? use a cardboard box as the goal or use a strip of masking tape as a finish line
  • substitute a bungee strap for the belt

Are you ready to play this fun Halloween Game? Let’s make sure you have everything you’ll need

Supplies Needed

  • 3 sets of pantyhose per team
  • 6 tennis balls per team
  • belt – one per team – *can substitute a bungee strap for easy on and off
  • rubber ball (about 4 inches) – *can substitute a tennis ball. This will be used as your target ball
  • large shoe box – this will be the net. You could use a cardboard box or use masking tape as a line to cross

spider legs pantyhose game

Setting Up

  • place tennis balls into the legs of the pantyhose
  • set a shoe box as your goal on one side of the room
  • set out belts or bungee straps for each team to use around their waists

Playing the Pantyhose Game:

  • place a belt or bungee strap around the player (players)
  • tuck the pantyhose into the belt so the balls are dangling just above the floor 
  • set a ball in front of the player (players)
  • each player should hit the target ball by swinging or guiding the pantyhose to hit it toward the net
  • *players can not use their feet to guide or hit the ball

spider legs pantyhose game

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