Chocolate & Caramel Turkey Treats for a Thanksgiving Fun Food

Chocolate & Caramel Turkey Treats for a Thanksgiving With Kids Fun Food - Almost like a turtle! So yummy and easy to make!
Today, I have another fun idea for Thanksgiving to show you. I love how these little rustic looking Thanksgiving Turkeys came out. They are one of the easiest fun treats to pull together for your holiday meal, too. Come on in, and I’ll show you how to make these Chocolate & Caramel Turkey Treats for a Thanksgiving Fun Food   These little guys are so cute, that they are almost...
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Rice Krispies Teepee Treat for a Kid Friendly Thanksgiving

Perfect for Thanksgiving, or a Native American fun food idea for kids. This is such a cute and simple treat for kids! www.kidfriendlythingstodocom
Are you ready for the latest new idea? I’m so excited to share this fun treat with you, today! It’s my Rice Krispies Teepee Treat for Thanksgiving idea. You all, these are so adorable! I have always admired the sugar cone teepees that I’ve seen on Pinterest. So, I got to thinkin’, hmm…a rice krispies teepee would be a great alternative to that idea. I knew...
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Over 30+ Thanksgiving Crafts & Food Crafts for a Kid Friendly Fun Time!

Over 30+ Thanksgiving Crafts & Thanksgiving Food Crafts ( Fun Foods) for Kids!
Woo Hoo! I love a good round up of fun ideas from Pinterest! Today, I’m rounding up for you lots, and lots of Thanksgiving ideas. From Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids, to Thanksgiving Fun Food Crafts (I call it Fun Food) for Kids! Come on in, and have a look at all of the adorable ideas that I have...
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Fun Pumpkin Fruit Cups For a Healthy Kids Fall & Halloween Treat

Fun and Easy Pumpkin Fruit Cups For a Healthy Kids Fall & Halloween Treat -
Who says a non-candy Halloween treat can’t be fun? We all know that most of the school parties forbid candy, these days. The parties we grew up with are no more. It’s a little sad to see them go, but we are going to push on with fun, and yummy non-candy ideas for the kids! We can do this! Come on  in and I’ll show you how to make these adorable Fun Pumpkin Fruit Cups for a...
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Delicious Mayflower Individual Pecan Pies

Mayflower Individual Pecan Pies- A cute and delicious fun food for Thanksgiving -
These pies sadly, are not going to make it to the Thanksgiving dinner. Nope! The poor things never had a chance! They were knocked off one by one. Devoured is more like it. Once you taste one of these cute little Mayflower Pecan Pies, you’ll get it. They are so yummy.  How could we resist?!    These little pies are so darn cute. They are going to look adorable on...
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Crescent Roll Cornucopias With Vegetables and Dip – A Thanksgiving Fun Food

Crescent Roll Cornucopia filled with Vegetables and served with ranch dip! Yum and Fun! -
I love, love, love how these Crescent Roll Cornucopias turned out! So excited! The kids were equally as excited to come home from school to these yummies waiting on the kitchen counter. I might just have to make this more often. It’s so simple, and good for them, so why not?! Right?! It was very nice to see them filling up on veggies! Here’s the how to on this simple fun Thanksgiving...
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