Thanksgiving Turkey Pretzels – A Fun Food

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Yummy! Chocolate and Pretzels. I love that combination. Really, how can you go wrong with it? So when I saw a bag of round pretzels, I knew just what I was going to turn them into…Turkeys! I am just tickled at how these little Turkey Pretzel Treats turned out. I just love their cute little faces. 

For these little turkeys, you will need:

  • Brown chocolate melts – 1 12 oz. bag will make about 3 doz.
  • Round pretzel rings
  • Candy Corn
  • Candy Eyes
  • Mike & Ike candies for the beak – or something similar
  • Red Pull & Peel Licorice, peeled & broken into 1-2″ pieces
  • Parchment or Wax Paper


Chocolate Turkey Pretzels - A fun treat for Thanksgiving -

  • Melt your chocolate melts according to the package directions (in a glass heat proof bowl)
  • Grab yourself some parchment or wax paper and set it out for the candy
  • Place your pretzel rounds out on top of the paper
  • Set out all of your candy parts
  • Grab a spoon, and start spooning melted chocolate into each round – I poured enough chocolate in so that the chocolate mound was a little taller than the surface of the pretzel for a more rounded face
  • While the chocolate is still melted, place your beaks, eyes, and licorice into the melted chocolate faces
  • *Don’t worry if your chocolate sets up and hardens before you get a chance to decorate the turkey face. Just use a toothpick to add some melted chocolate from your bowl to the back of the eyes, beak, and gobble 🙂
  • Now, dip the candy corn bottoms into the bowl of melted chocolate, and fan them out around the top portion of the pretzels

Chocolate Turkey Pretzels - A fun treat for Thanksgiving -

  • You’re done! Enjoy your cute little turkeys!

Chocolate Turkey Pretzels - A fun treat for Thanksgiving -

They are sure to be a hit with your “little turkeys” on Thanksgiving!

~Melissa –

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Here’s some equipment you might need or even want for your cute little turkey treats!
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Thanks for stopping by! Happy Thanksgiving!



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