Sugar Cookie Helpful Tip-A Kid Friendly Thing To Do

This might change your traditional sugar cookie roll out forever! In a good way! Instead of flouring the rolling pin & scraping off pieces of cookie dough, then re-flouring the rolling pin again, and again, and again. Just: Place a piece of  wax paper under the cookie dough. Place a piece of wax paper on top of the cookie dough. Roll your rolling pin over the top sheet of wax paper. Take off...
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Fish Family Farm-A Kid Friendly Thing To Do-Pictures

                To head back to the Fish Family Farm information page, go to...
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Fish Family Farm-A Kid Friendly Thing To Do Review

Experience the tranquility of the raw, simple beauty of this farm set in Bolton, Connecticut. In the foreground at Fish Family Farm, a white-barn, white farm-house, and  large circular bailed hay, all dressed in white sit among the backdrop of mountains and forests. After you’ve taken in all the scenery has to offer, check out the chicken coop. Say hello to calves, as they lean forward,...
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Table Cloth For Thanksgiving – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do .com Craft

Use Easel Paper for an Instant Tablecloth For Thanksgiving to color, and explore creativity!
This is the easiest way to make the Kid Table Fun!  And, it’s sooooooo fun! Here’s What You’ll Need: A roll of easel paper from the craft supply store masking tape scissors stickers and crayons Instructions: Cut strips of easel paper the length of your table. Tape as many strips as you need to cover your entire table! You have a KID FRIENDLY TABLE CLOTH!   Set out stickers...
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Kid’s Pilgrim Hat Craft – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do

Kids will look so adorable at the Thanksgiving table in these hats. But, why stop there? Make some for the adults, too! Here’s What You’ll Need-for each hat: A sturdy piece of paper, like card stock or poster board 12×18 piece of black craft foam OR construction paper white craft foam OR paper yellow craft foam OR paper Pipe Cleaner-Also called chenille craft stems Craft Glue...
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