A Candy Castle Fortress Birthday Cake Decorated With Hershey Bars, Oreo Cookies and Kit Kat Bars!

It’s about time that I showed you the Castle Cake that I made for my little guy last fall. Connor absolutely loves knights, dungeons, and anything midieval. So, it was only fitting that his birthday be a midieval theme, and of course we would need a castle cake! 

Let me tell you, 99.9% of the castle cake ideas I searched for looked complicated and more fitting for a princess than a prince. It took some determination to find a simple, scary dungeon cake. Thankfully, I found a picture of a candy castle similar to this one. I couldn’t find instructions to go with my picture, so I just used it as inspiration to make this Candy Castle Fortress! Any prince or knight would go crazy over this dungeon like castle. Scary, I tell ya!


You’ll Need:

  • A box of cake mix + whatever the cake mix requires
  • 2 Containers of Chocolate Frosting 
  • 1 Container of Oreo Cookies
  • Mini Hershey Bars -Honestly, I was in such a hurry that I did not pay attention to the amount 🙁
  • Kit-Kat Bars
  • Blue Sugar Crystals, such as Wilton

Equipment Needed

  • A Cake Pad – I used a silver one
  • Spreader for frosting
  • 9×9 cake pan

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A Cool Castle Birthday Cake Decorated With Hershey Bars, Oreo Cookies and Kit Kat Bars!

This is a little embarassing. Really, I could have used a better spreading knife to make this a little less sloppy looking, and took more time on pictures for you all. Sorry, that’s me rushing, rushing, rushing! 🙁

  • First off, you’ll bake your cake in 2 square 9×9 baking pans. Just follow the directions on the box
  • Once those have cooled off, stack them on your serving platter
  • I used a long rectangle cake pad, and I set the cake toward the back to allow for decorations and a bridge
  • Frost the cakes with plenty of chocolate frosting
  • Once your done frosting the cake, start stacking the Oreo towers – 1 for each corner – using chocolate frosting as glue 

A Cool Candy Fortress Castle Cake decorated with Hershey Bars, Oreo Cookies, and Kit-Kat Bars! This is so simple to make and the kids love this!

  • Spread a chocolate moat in front of your castle and sprinkle some blue sugar crystals on the chocolate. My moat was a last minute decoration. If I had to do it again, I might color some white frosing blue. Just a thought for you!
  • Next up, decide where you want your bridge and place your Kit-Kat bars (2 sets of 2) down as your drawbridge and bridge to your castle
  • Next up, your Hershey Bars. The amount might vary, depending on the height of your cake. With my cake, I basically used a column of 4 all around the cake. I only had room for 3 on top of the bridge
  • Then, I broke off individual rectangles of Hershey Bar and place them all around the top of the cake, and used 4 on top of each tower
  • This might take a little patience, and a lot of frosting, as some might topple off! But, you’ll get there!
  • Finally, I used some toys the kids had around the house to finish off the scary fortress! That’s it!

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