Catching Stray Egg Shells – A Cooking Tip

Have you ever had some of the egg shell fall into your batter? It  happens a lot when you are cooking with kids. Every single time! Luckily I have a fool proof easy, and kind of fun way to pull the egg shell out.

I remember when my mom taught me this simple kitchen tip. I was blown away! How can an egg sheel attract an egg shell?! Seriously…Mind Blowing! Here’s my Catching Stray Egg Shells – A Cooking Tip –

Catching Stray Egg Shells - A Cooking TipI love this simple fix for dropping a little egg shell in the bowl

  • All you have to do is take an egg shell half, and place it in front of the broken piece of egg shell
  • The broken egg shell will be sucked into the shell you are holding
  • Watch it race right into your little shell vacuum
  • You got it! Continue on with your recipe
  • That’s it!

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