How to Get Eggshells Out of a Bowl

Use this simple hack to get eggshells out of your batter. It’s an easy trick that you’ll be happy you learned about.

how to remove egg shell from bowl

Removing Eggshells from Bowl

Kitchen tips from older generations are the tried and true kitchen hacks that are full of wisdom and information. Like greasing a bowl with mayonnaise, a substitute for baking powder, how to make tomato paste, and using applesauce as a butter substitute.

Have you ever had some of the eggshells fall into your batter? It happens a lot when you are cooking with kids. Every single time. Luckily, I have a foolproof, easy, and fun way to pull the eggshell out.

I remember when my mom taught me this simple kitchen tip. I was blown away. How can an eggshell attract an eggshell? Seriously…Mind Blowing.

How to Remove Eggshells from the Bowl

Getting eggshells out of bowl

I love this simple fix for dropping a little eggshell in the bowl

  • All you have to do is take an eggshell half and place it in front of the broken piece of eggshell.
  • The broken eggshell will be sucked into the shell you are holding.
  • Watch it race right into your little shell vacuum.
how to remove egg shell from bowl
  • You got it. Continue with your recipe.

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