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Great Halloween Party Food, Drinks, Appetizers, and Dessert!
It’s that fun time of year when we get to really get our creative juices flowing! This morning, I looked around for some creative Halloween party food ideas. These fun foods, are bound to scare up a¬†Spooktacular good time! Here’s what I found!: All Recipes are from Taste of Home: Add an icy hand to your punch recipe! Here’s the link for the how to! Great idea for a healthy...
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Healthy Fall, and Halloween Fruit Party Treats – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

I have to say...I don't think the kids would be disappointed if you walked into a Fall or Halloween class party with one of these healthy, non-candy treats!
Don’t do it, Don’t do it, Don’t do it! That’s what I keep telling myself every time I look at the “Classroom Party Volunteers Needed” flyer. I’ve already volunteered for the Preschool party, and I don’t want to stretch myself too thin. I’m holding strong, for now. But, just in case…I’ve looked up some healthy fruit versions of the...
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Making Marshmallow Shapes Using Cookie Cutters and Jumbo Marshmallows

No marshmallow recipe required! Just roll out the giant store bought ones, and start having fun making Halloween marshmallow shapes!
No marshmallow recipe here. We just used jumbo marshmallows, and a rolling pin to make our fun Halloween Marshmallow Shapes! Here’s how: The DOWNER to using the standard 3 inch cookie cutters – It will take some muscle to really stretch those marshmallows out big enough. I will tell you, that if you have MINI cookie cutters, then use those. I will be purchasing the mini Halloween...
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Jelly Belly Fear Factor Party Game – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Gross Jelly Bean Flavors like Stinky Socks make a pretty fun Fear Factor Party Game!
A perfect game for a kid’s birthday party, Halloween party, or classroom party! Did you know they have barf, booger, baby wipes, stinky socks, lawn clippings, and ear wax flavored jelly beans?! Gross, Right?! I had no idea those flavors existed until…Family Fun Night! That’s when I saw the Fear Factor Jelly Bean Game! What a great idea. If the kids wanted to play the Jelly...
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Halloween Pizza Dessert – A Fun Food – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Chocolate & Pretzel Halloween Pizza Dessert!
This is a really simple Halloween dessert! It’s basically a chocolate covered pretzel in a different form! Recycle a pizza box, or use a flat box to decorate into a Halloween Pizza box for added fun! You’ll Need: Wax paper An 8 or 9 inch round cake pan Pretzels – broken into large bits – about 1 cup 1-2 oz. of White Chocolate Morsels – melted (Depending on whether...
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Make A Yummy, and Adorable Witch’s Brew For The Kids! – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Use a rolled wafer for a broom to stir eyeballs, worms, and anything grossly yummy into a batch of green jello!
I found these really cute miniature buckets in the Halloween Department of the Dollar General (3 for $1)! Thinking they looked just like Witch’s Cauldrons; I went on a witch hunt for green jello, gummy eyeballs, gummy worms, and rolled wafers to complete my Witch’s Potion! These little cauldrons are simple to do, and will look so cute at an any Halloween party! Just, use a rolled...
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