How to Grow a Lollipop Garden

Growing a Lollipop Garden is a sweet activity to do with the kids around Easter. Kids will delight in their lollipop garden as they hunt for Easter Eggs. You can easily turn this fun activity into an Easter Tradition

lollipop garden Easter tradition

How to Grow a Lollipop Garden…

Lollipop Garden

This is such a sweet tradition to start with your kids at any age. A reader on ourFacebook Page told me that she has been doing this with her grandchildren at Easter time. 

how to grow a lollipop garden

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Here’s what you’ll need to start this tradition with your family…

  • Jellybeans 
  • Shovels
  • Lollipops in wrappers
growing a lollipop garden

Instructions on growing a Lollipop Garden: 

  1. A week or a day before Easter give kids a handful of “magic jellybeans” and shovels or spoons
  2. Designate an area for the kids to dig holes and plant their jellybeans
  3. The morning of Easter, go out with lollipops and place the lollipop sticks into the dirt – right about where the jellybeans were planted
  4. The kids will be so excited to see lollipops have grown in place of the jellybeans 

Tips for your Lollipop Garden:

  • Don’t place lollipops outside until the morning of…(bugs or other creatures might find them before the kids do)
  • Leave the wrappers on the lollipops 

What are some other Easter Traditions that you can do with the kids? 

  • Easter Egg Hunts
  • Sunrise Service
  • Easter Baskets 
  • Chocolate Bunnies
  • A Ham lunch or dinner with all of the fixings 
how to grow a lollipop garden

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