How to Make an Easy-to-Follow Cotton Candy Mocktail

cotton candy mocktail


Decorations for the cup rim: 

  • lime wedges
  • sprinkles or decorating sugar
  • *a small plate


  • cotton candy
  • lemon-lime soda



  • piece of cotton candy
  • paper straw or other fun straw
  • optional – cherry


decorating the rim: (optional)

  • cut a wedge of lime and slice it open in the middle
  • pour a good amount of sprinkles onto a small plate – deep enough so it will coat the rim of a cup
  • use the lime wedge to moisten your cup – slide it all the way around the rim so it is completely wet on the outside
  • turn the cup upside down into a plate full of sprinkles

making the drink

  • place some cotton candy in the bottom of a cup – The amount will vary depending on your cup. I used about 1 cup of cotton candy for my 16 0z. cups
  • pour soda over the cotton candy and watch it dissolve into the soda
  • decorate with more cotton candy at the top of the cup and add a straw


The amount of cotton candy that you use will vary. If you think the drink needs more cotton candy flavor, then toss some more in. It will dissolve immediately.