Whoa! This boy LOVES this scary looking shark fruit salad! I could barely convince him to leave the shark for a solo picture! Oh well…here’s the tutorial!


  • You’ll Need:
  • An oblong watermelon
  • Red, or Purple grapes
  • Various fruit for your fruit salad – canteloupe, strawberries, pineapple, etc..
  • Toothpicks
  • Tutorial of this fun Shark Fruit Salad!
  • First Cut the bottom of your watermelon at a slight angle so the head is angled
  • Tutorial of this fun Shark Fruit Salad!
  • Cut an upside down U for the mouth
  • Pull that piece away from the watermelon
  • Keeping the rind intact – Cut the watermelon from the rind, and chop it up
  • Place the chopped up watermelon in a large bowl
  • Save the rind from the cut out piece – You’ll need it for the fin
  • Tutorial of this fun Shark Fruit Salad!
  • Cut teeth around the edges of the shark mouth, and scoop out most of the watermelon inside
  • Cube the watermelon, and place it in your large bowl
  • Tutorial of this fun Shark Fruit Salad!
  • Use toothpicks to add grapes for eyes
  • Use the rind that you saved to shape like a shark fin
  • I cut the bottom of the fin at a slight angle to match the curve of the watermelon
  • Use a toothpick, or 2 to insert the fin onto the shark
  • Cut your cantaloupe, and other fruit you’ve chosen
  • Add it to the large bowl of watermelon
  • Now…place the hollowed out shark onto your serving platter, and scoop fruit salad out of the large bowl into┬áthe shark’s mouth!
  • Tutorial of this fun Shark Fruit Salad!
  • Cover, and refrigerate until ready to serve! Hide from kids, or it will be destroyed be eager hands! ­čÖé

~ Melissa – KidFriendlyThingsToDo.com

Adapted from Tasted of Home! Find the original and more at TasteofHome.com!

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