Halloween Fear Factor Game For Kids & Craft Idea!

A fun Halloween Game for kids! Feel Factor is just like Fear Factor, but all about reaching into a box to feel and guess! Creepy, and Fun! Makes a great craft, too! KidFriendlyThingsToDo.com
I guess this is kind of a two for one post, today! A Halloween craft idea, and a Halloween party game idea! Nice! Tomorow, I have the pleasure of hosting my fifth grader’s class Halloween Party. Being fifth graders, they’ve pretty much done all of the cute carnival games, and they’ve seen their share of crafts. So, I have to up my game…literally! We’re not allowed...
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Reese’s Simple To Make Halloween Cats

These Reese’s Halloween Cats are so simple to make. They are the perfect last minute Halloween Treat! I’m over at Hungry Happenings, sharing this so, so easy tutorial. The link is below.  My kids were so excited to come home to this fun after school treat. I was just happy that they were so easy to make and turned out so cute! I love simple!  I have the full supply...
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Easy Water Bottle Ghosts For Halloween Party Drinks

Easy Water Bottle Ghosts For Halloween Party Drinks! - KidFriendlyThingsToDo.com
How easy is this?! And, I might add, adorable! All you need is glue, fabric, and a sharpie to make these cute little ghost water bottles for your Halloween party! Here’s my so simple how to: I made these for my fifth grade boy’s Halloween party. The school really is not allowing a whole lot, in the way of fun food, so I improvised! I knew I didn’t want to take the time to...
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Spooktacular Halloween Candy Apples

Let’s have a little more Halloween fun, shall we? Last night I got to thinking…I have no “fun food” to post on the blog! How in the world did I let the weekend go by without making something fun, and spooky? I have no idea! So, with the most of the kids home, dinner half cooked, and Mike picking up Michael (2 Mikes – very confusing!) from soccer practice, I...
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DIY Hand Print Spider Halloween Candy Bag

DIY handprint Halloween Spider Candy Bag using a pillowcase! Make your own spider loot bag for Halloween! Simple, and so cute! KidFriendlyThingsToDo.com
Man…this is a hard one to pick a name for! Can you tell, I crammed every possible explanation into the longest title ever?! Anywho, on to the cutie patootie, simple to make, pillowcase Halloween bag! I did it again!!!! Really, you could take this cute little hand print spider idea, and put it on just about anything. It makes a cute Halloween shirt, too! But, we were thinking it would make...
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A Round Up of 10 Halloween Party Games

A Round Up of Simple and Fun Halloween Party Games! - KidFriendlyThingsToDo.com
I have noticed that The Unwrap The Mummy Game, has been high on the popular post list lately, and that gets me to thinkin’…you might be in the market for some Easy Halloween Games. Maybe I can help you out with that! I thought I might do a round up of some I’ve done in the past, and some others I’ve found, for you to see all in one place. Sound good?  I’ll...
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