Cute and Easy to Make Little Lamb Rice Krispies Treat for Easter

Cute and Easy to Make Little Lamb Rice Krispies Treat for Easter - Perfect for Easter, spring, or farm animal party!
Last week, I was in a panic trying to get this fun food idea made, photo shoot done, and ready for the kids to come home from school. It’s so hard to make fun treats with them stalking me. Thankfully, my mission was accomplished…just in the nick of time! These little Rice Krispies Treat Lambs are going to look just downright adorable sitting out at your parties! They are the perfect...
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Over 20 Easy to Make Crafts for Kids That Welcome Spring

over 20 Spring crafts that kids can make -
Yay! It’s Spring! I’m already enjoying the wonderful sunshine streaming in through my window. It’s heaven. The birds are loving it, too. I’ve heard them sing all morning long. Today, I’m welcoming spring in by showing you some of the wonderful craft ideas for kids that are all about spring. Come and look what I’ve gathered this morning to share with you:...
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How To Dye Easter Eggs With Shaving Cream (or Whipped Cream)

How To Dye Easter Eggs With Shaving Cream (or Whipped Cream) - What a fun way to dye Easter Eggs with kids. Love the different swirl patterns -
I know, I know..I’ve gone overboard in the Easter Egg Dyeing world. I promise, (maybe that’s too strong of a word). I can almost guarantee, unless I have a hugely awesome egg dying idea…that this is my absolute last Easter Egg Craft that is all about dyeing eggs – this year! But seriously, you’re gonna love this fun way to dye Easter Eggs. Come on in, and I’ll...
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A Simple Beauty and the Beast Party Drink Idea For Kids

A simple Beauty and the Beast Party Drink Idea! Perfect and easy for your birthday parties -
Excuse me while I interrupt the Easter and spring posts with a Beauty and the Beast Party Drink Idea. The thing is…we just got around to seeing the movie last weekend. Amazing, right?! It was a huge hit for our family and I know it probably was for yours too. Usually, I’d be doling out the movie party ideas a month before they come out just to get the ball rolling. This time,...
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Over 30 Burrito, Chimichanga, and Quesadilla Mexican Recipes

Have you all notice that I’m in a Mexican Food mood, lately? It’s no secret that I love Mexican food, but this is ridiculous. It’s my winter theme. I hope you all love it as much as I do, because I don’t see an end to my madness for at least a few more recipe posts. Today, I thought I’d do a fun roundup of delicious looking Mexican recipes that I’ve had my eye...
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