A Lucky Horseshoe St. Patrick’s Day Cupcake | Kid Friendly Things To Do

Lucky Horseshoe Cupcake

Easy to make Lucky Horseshoe St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes


  • cupcakes baked and cooled
  • frosting for cupcakes – I used Funfetti Green
  • star or grass tip for frosting in a piping bag
  • S’mores square marshmallows
  • Scissors – (kitchen scissors)
  • Green M&Ms – you can use regular-sized or mini
  • Frosting – I used green frosting, but white or vanilla frosting would work too

Extra Equipment Needed:

  • mixing bowl to make cupcakes
  • knife or a toothpick to place frosting on the M&M candies for gluing


  • frost cupcakes with green frosting using a grass or star tip to represent grass

Making A Horseshoe Cupcake Topper

  • cut a U out of a square marshmallow
  • make V cuts into the top of the marshmallow U to define it as a horseshoe
  • place the marshmallow on top of the frosted cupcake
  • use a toothpick or small knife to add frosting to the bottom of 7 m&ms and place them around the marshmallow in a U formation