Christmas Jello Cups

Better than Stained Glass Jello - Christmas Jello Cups For Fun Individual Christmas Desserts are Easy, yummy and so much fun! Kid Friendly Jello Cups.


You’ll Need

Extra Equipment


  1. Prepare the pans by rubbing a thin layer of mayonnaise with a piece of paper towel – It’s an old trick my mom taught me. Nobody will taste the mayonnaise and you won’t get oil on the jello by using cooking spray
  2. Prepare the red jello by stirring  2 cups of hot water with the red granules, until they are dissolved
  3. Add the cold water and mix in
  4. Pour into one of the 9×13 pans
  5. Next, prepare the green jello using the 2 packages of green jello, 2 cups of hot water, and 2 cups of cold water
  6. Pour into a prepared pan
  7. Place both pans of jello into the refrigerator
  8. Allow the two jello pans to set up in the refrigerator for about 3 hours

To Prepare the Cups

  1. (You’re basically cutting the jello into cubes)
  2. When it’s ready, Pull the jello out of the fridge and cut it into strips about an inch wide
  3. turn the pan and cut strips going the other way about an inch wide
  4. Spoon some red jello cubes into the bottom of the plastic cups- going about halfway up
  5. Spoon green jello cubes onto the red
  6. When you or your guests are ready, add whipped topping, and a cherry to the top and enjoy the yumminess! 🙂