Reindeer Chocolate Apple Slices – Christmas Treats | Kid Friendly Things To Do

Reindeer apple slices Christmas treat

Cute Reindeer Christmas themed chocolate apple slices. Perfect for a Christmas or party treat.


  • 6 apples – round and tart apples are best for this sweet treat
  • chocolate melts – brown
  • candy eyes
  • red M&Ms
  • Caramel apple skewers

more equipment needed:

  • wax paper
  • a glass microwave proof bowl
  • silicone utensils for stirring


  • in a small to medium sized bowl, melt chocolate candy melts and stir until smooth
  • set out wax paper
  • place 2 pretzel twists on wax paper for ears – the rounded edges should face up and out and be apart – about the width of your apple slice
  • slice apples into 1/2 inch slices (you’ll probably only get about 2 slices per apple)
  • discard the core and pieces that or too small for the skewer

making reindeer apple slices for Christmas treats

  • skewer the apple slices you have kept and dip into the chocolate – coating both sides

making reindeer chocolate apple slices

  • place on pretzel twists and immediately decorate with eyes and nose
  • let stand for a few minutes while chocolate dries and hardens


Making Ahead and Storage:

These Christmas treats are best when eaten within the day of making them, but can last loger if stored properly.

How long will these Apple Slice – Reindeer Christmas Treats last?

Because, this treat contains apple, which is perishable, these reindeer Christmas treats should be eaten within a day of making them.

How long can the Chocolate Apple Slices last in the refrigerator?

These Chocolate Reindeer Apple Slices can last a bit longer (up to 2 days) if stored in the refrigerator.