Valentine Card Printable for a Non-Candy Gift Idea 

This is a  Non-Candy Valentine idea and Printable inspired by finger flashlights. Kids will have fun giving and receiving these fun flashlight gifts that go with this Shine On printable.


Valentine non-candy printable for kids

Valentine Printable for a Non-Candy Gift Idea

I’m trying to come up with more neutral cards for both boys and girls. This card has a light shining into the middle with the words “Shine On, My Friend” You can even use glow sticks to go with this printable.

Click here for the Valentine Printable to go with this gift idea


If you are still trying to find some printables and Valentine’s gift ideas – you might like my printable for You Make the World a Little Brighter that also goes with a light gift or a Sprintable for You Make the World a Little Brighter



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  1. Mila

    I think Valentine’s that don’t involve sweets are the best. This is a great idea. I wold use glow sticks, I think all kids love those!

    1. Melissa

      Glow sticks would certainly be the least expensive, and kids love them! Thank you for the nice comment. 🙂