Handprint Bird in a Nest

Handprint crafts are so sentimental to me. Kids grow up so fast. This Handprint Bird is a sweet way to welcome Spring with the kids and preserve a little bit of their childhood. This craft would be really cute framed and given as a gift.

Handprint Bird in a Nest craft

Handprint Bird in a Nest

Look at this Sweet Handprint Bird in a Paper Nest Craft. I can’t take credit for this craft. My little guy brought this home from pre-school. I love a good handprint craft, They are just so sentimental. This one is so adorable and perfect for springtime.

What a sweet way to welcome Spring with the kids. This would be really cute framed and given as a gift

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Tips and tricks for making this handprint bird

  • make sure you cover all of the crevices of your child’s hand with paint
  • apple the paint liberally
  • sometimes it’s easier to bring the paper to the hand than the hand to the paper
  • press each finger firmly to transfer the paint
  • have wet wipes handy and a paper towel for easy cleanup

Are you ready to make this handprint craft? Let’s make sure you have everything you’ll need: 

Supplies Needed for this Bird Handprint

  • white paper for your canvas
  • blue tempera paint – Connor’s bird is blue, but you can use any color for your bird that you prefer
  • googly eye
  • orange construction paper
  • brown construction paper
  • glue


  • Using any Springtime color of paint you like, paint your child’s hand, and press it sideways onto the white paper. Just like the picture above
  • Allow the handprint to dry
  • Cut a small triangle out of the orange paper for your beak
  • Let the kids tear the brown construction paper into bits and pieces
  • Using glue…Add an eye, a beak to the bird
  • Now, under the bird glue the torn paper nest


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