Over 15 Awesome Summer Boredom Buster Science Ideas for Kids

g Summer Boredom Buster Science Experiment Ideas to do With the Kids:

 Summer Boredom Busters for Kids

What a great way to make memories with the kids this summer. These all look like Epic Fun!

I just love doing science experiments with the kids. Lucky for me, I’ve noticed some really cool ideas on Pinterest. All of these science projects will go well with this week’s summer boredom-buster theme. I can’t wait to do some of these fun projects. Come on in and check out all of these epic-looking science experiments

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soda bottle rocket

 Build a Bottle Rocket this summer by Frugal Fun 4 Boys Oh my goodness! My kids will love this one.

homemade bouncy balls

Make Bouncy Balls by The Stem Laboratory

layered drinks

Making a Layered Drink

elephant toothpaste

Experiment chemical reactions with Elephant Toothpaste by Preschool Powol Packets

rainbow in a jar

Discover how weight is distributed in liquid with  Rainbow in a Jar by Playdough to Plato 

fizzy science activity

More reaction fun with Fizzy Ice by Toddler Approved

squirty chalk

Explore Color Theory with Color Changing Squirty Chalk by Growing a Jeweled Rose

coloring flowers

More exploring with color change. Great summer idea by Growing a Jeweled Rose

polymer changes leak proof bag experiment

Polymer Chains work together to make this Leak-Proof Bag Experiment by Paging Fun Mums


solar oven


Got a hot day on your hands? Make a solar oven and homemade crayons! From The Craft Train

growing crystals

Find some seashells on the shore and grow some crystals! From Little Bins For Little Hands

tornado in a jar

Unfortunately, summer sometimes brings tornadoes. Create a tornado in a jar and talk about the how and why. From One Little Project

summer cloud science

Then see how those beautiful summer clouds make rain! by The Happy Housewife

ice cream in a bag

Ice Cream in a Bag! by Pleasantest Thing/Growing a Jeweled Rose

science behind ice cream in a bag

Learn the Science behind making Ice Cream in a Bag! by More Than a Worksheet

making rock candy from Kool-Aid

Study Sugar Crystals and Make Rock Candy from Kool-Aid! by HomeSchool 4 Me

squirt gun science

Squirt Gun Science by No Time for Flashcards

science fun for kids
exploding soda

What kid doesn’t love a good explosion? Exploding Soda by One Krieger Chick

 I love, love, love these ideas! The hardest part of this post is deciding which one to do first. 

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Happy Summer!

~Melissa – Kid Friendly Things To Do


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