Storing Cilantro To Make It Stay Fresh Longer – Kid Friendly Things To Do

I don’t know about you. In the summer, cilantro is a “go-to” herb. I love the flavor it adds to fresh summer salads and dips. But, I get so upset when I reach into the fridge to find soggy, rotting cilantro. Ugh! This time, I wanted a plan of action. Here’s what I found out on How to Store Cilantro to Make it Stay Fresh Longer.

how to store fresh cilantro

How to Store Fresh Cilantro

fresh cilantro hack

Here’s what you’ll need to keep your cilantro fresh longer…

  • Scissors
  • Small cup
  • Water
  • Plastic bag

Storing fresh cilantro


  1. cut the stems in a straight cut
  2. fill a small cup halfway with fresh water
  3. place cilantro stems into the water
  4. put the cup of cilantro on a shelf in your refrigerator
  5. cover it with a plastic bag – I like to use the bag from the produce section of the market

Tips and tricks for keeping cilantro fresh longer…

  • Your cilantro should stay fresh for weeks when stored in the way I showed you
  • after a couple of weeks, you can cut the stems again to add more life to the plants
  • periodically change the water out with fresh water
  • when cilantro becomes mush, turns black and is soggy –  it is going bad

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