New Years Eve Drop Ball Place Setting – Using An Inflated Punch Ball

Make your very own Ball Drop for a New Year’s Eve Table Decoration. Fun and easy to make. Fill with confetti for another fun surprise at midnight.

Ball drop Balloon New Year's Eve Table Decoration

New Year’s Eve Table Decoration

Hang an inflated punch ball from the center of the table setting, or one over each place setting. You can personalize them, and even fill them with confetti for confetti at midnight. Drop several inflated balls down on your guests for an awesome surprise. Your guests can take home a punch ball as a fun souvenir. Imagine the fun as they bounce, in the air, all around the room.

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Tips and Tricks for this New Year’s Eve Table Decoration Idea

  • If you want to fill them with confetti…Before you inflate the balloon, use a funnel inserted into the balloon to fill the balloon
  • Use a balloon pump to pump the balloon. If you don’t have a balloon pump, the old-fashioned way works, too
  • I found poster letters that had adhesive on them. I helped them stick a little better with a glue stick. The glue that would work the best to secure the letters though, (and I will remember this for next year) would be Fabri-tac.
  • Use ribbon to hang the balloons over each place setting, in the center of your table, or all over the room


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  1. Samy

    Woow, this is cool idea!!! The kids will love this!