Don’t let the chocolate trees intimidate you. They are so easy, yet so impressive to your guests! A great last minute Halloween treat!:

You’ll Need:

  • Wilton Chocolate Melts – Dark Brown
  • A zip tight bag
  • Scissors
  • Wax Paper
  • Baking Sheet that will fit into the freezer!


  • Easier than you think! Chocolate Trees! A cool Halloween Dessert!
  • Line the baking sheet with wax paper
  • Using a small microwave proof glass bowl, melt the chocolate melts – using the instruction on the bag
  • Scoop the warm chocolate into the bag, squeeze out the excess air, and zip tight
  • Snip a small hole in a bottom corner of the bag
  • Now, just start drawing trees! Start with the middle of the tree, and form it into a V at the top – keep adding branches!
  • To make the trees really spooky, add 2 little pieces of red licorice for bat eyes!
  • Make Chocoalte Trees for Halloween Desserts -

~ Melissa – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com


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