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I got the inspiration for this cupcake from Microsoft Clip Art! I saw a heart with wings on the side, and thought of marshmallow wings! Doesn’t everyone’s brain immediately go from pictures to food?! Can you tell I get excited over fun food creations?  Here’s the how to on this Valentine Cupcake:

For Each Cupcake – You’ll Need:

  • A Cupcake with white frosting – you can get fancy with a star tip, or just smother it on
  • A heart lollipop
  • 2 Large (not jumbo) marshmallows
  • Scissors

Now, on to the cupcake decorations:

  • Valentine Cupcake Fun Food Idea
  • Take your scissors and cut the marshmallow like the first marshmallow on the left – with 2 slants cut on the top – one is a little longer than the other
  • Now, pick up the marshmallow and cut 3 little triangles out of the bottom part (the part that is still round and fluffy)
  • That’s it! It’s a wing – trust me!
  • Easy Valentine Cupcake Fun Food Idea
  • You may need to trim your lollipop stem
  • Flying Hearts! 2 Marshmallows, and a heart lollipop are all you need for this beautfiul Valentines Day cupcake
  • Piece it all together. If the marshmallow is still sticky from the cuts, it should stick to the lollipop when you place it down
  • If you want to secure it with something, my favorite candy glue is melted Wilton Chocolate. Once it sets your golden! White would be a good choice, here. Or…use some of your frosting
  • Enjoy, Happy Valentines Day –


~Melissa – 


Sharing is caring!

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