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Beautiful Cross made from nails! What a cool craft for Easter, Faith, or just for everyday!

I’m bringing this one out of the archives, today. It’s a beautiful Cross Necklace Made out of Nails craft that I posted 2 years ago, and it’s perfect for Easter time. Here it is…

I meant to post this craft at Easter time, but we were moving into our new house, and time just slipped away. I think this is such a cool idea for making cross necklaces, or key chains.

You’ll Need:

  • 4 Cut Nails
  • Hemp Cord – about 24 inches
  • Glue dots


  • Beautiful Cross made from nails! What a cool craft for Easter, Faith, or just for everyday!
  • Using the image above as your guide, take 2 of the Cut Nails and place them opposite of each other
  • Use glue dots to secure them in place
  • Do that again with another pair of Cut Nails
  • Now form the 2 pairs of nails into a cross
  • Use a glue dot to secure them
  • Take the hemp, and at the middle of the cord, start wrapping it into a X pattern around the middle of the nail
  • When you are finished, tie a knot on the back
  • So the weight of the necklace does not make it top heavey – Use another glue dot to secure the cord to the top of the necklace (You can use hot glue, or Fabri-Tac (my favorite craft glue) for a stronger bond)
  • Tie the ends of the cord into a knot

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~ Melissa –


  1. Angela Liechty

    I am looking for nails like this to make necklaces at vbs. I have made them a few years ago and I would love to make them again. If you could tell me where you found these nails I would so appreciate it.

    • Hi Angela. It’s been a while, but I believe I found some at a local hardware store – Menards. Home Depot, or Lowes would be good options, too. I wish I could find the necklace to go compare at the store and give you a more specific answer on the type and length that was used. I will see the Sunday School teacher that made these with my son, this week. I’ll try to remember to ask him if he bought a specific size or type. I hopped on Amazon real quick and included some links to Amazon above for you. I like the rusty looking masonry cut nails, too! The metal looking ones are referred to as cut nails or steel cut nails. I hope this helps. I’ll add more ASAP!

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