Making A Leprechaun Hat For St. Patrick’s Day – A Fun Craft

Make A Leprechaun Hat Craft!

These are so darn cute! I can definitely see this as a great activity for the classroom on St. Patrick’s Day. Or, add these leprechaun hats to your St. Patrick’s Day dinner party! They’re simple to do. Here’s the step by step with pictures.:

The NO GLUE NEEDED version is at the bottom of this post!

You’ll Need: you can find all of the items – minus the solo cup – at Michael’s Craft Store

  • Clear solo cups
  • Elmer’s Spray Adhesive
  • Green Glitter – Extra Fine
  • Ribbon for the strap – 2 pieces cut about 12″ each (you can substitute elastic cording which can be found in the jewelry making section)
  • Green Foam Pieces
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Yellow Felt with adhesive backing
  • Gold Glitter paper (you could also substitute green felt with adhesive backing to skip a hot glue step)

Now, on to the cute little hats!:

  • First, spray the inside of the entire cup with spray adhesive
  • Make A Leprechaun Hat Craft!
  • Sprinkle a generous amount of glitter into the bottom of the cup
  • Make A Leprechaun Hat Craft!
  • Set a piece of foam over the mouth of the cup. Holding the cup and foam together, shake the glitter around the cup until it covers the inside.
  • You can repeat with more spray and glitter in places that aren’t quite green enough
  • **An adult may want to do this part of the process – this adhesive spray is super sticky and gives off strong fumes
  • Make A Leprechaun Hat Craft!
  • Now, using some muscle, punch 2 holes into either side of the solo cup for the straps to go into
  • Make A Leprechaun Hat Craft!
  • Tie a knot in your ribbons and slide them through the holes with the knot on the inside of the cup.
  • **If you use and elastic strap then just use one piece and slip through the holes on either side – tying a knot to secure each side.
  • Make A Leprechaun Hat Craft!
  • Now turn the cup upside down onto your green foam and using a marker outline the outside of the cup
  • Make A Leprechaun Hat Craft!
  • Cut this circle out of the foam and glue it onto the opening of the cup with hot glue
  • Make A Leprechaun Hat Craft!
  • Place the cup upside down and cut an inch wide strip of yellow felt. Place it around the bottom of the hat
  • Make A Leprechaun Hat Craft!
  • Cut a little 1″x 1″ square of gold glitter paper and hot glue to the yellow strip
  • Make A Leprechaun Hat Craft!
  • You’re done!

A super easy version for the classroom:

  • Substitute clear cups for  green paper cups in the Paper Goods party section of the Dollar Tree , Wal-Mart, or a Party Store
  • You won’t need to add the green foam to the bottom of the cup, because you won’t have any glitter inside
  • Substitute the gold glitter paper for a green felt piece with adhesive backing 🙂
  • No gluing required!

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  1. This is by far my favorite St. Patty’s day craft I’ve found!! Love it!! Just posted on Craft Gossip!

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