Easter Morning Breakfast, Bunny Pancakes and More

I have had lots of people forward these adorable bunny pancakes to me, lately. They are so cute, and I know the kids would go crazy over a fun Easter breakfast. But, there are so many cute ones out there to choose from. It’s so hard to choose.  I’ts always helpful for me to see them all on one place.  I thought I would compile a bunch of fun Easter Breakfast ideas and feature some of my favorites this morning. Maybe, that will get me moving in the right direction for tomorrow morning. 

Fun Easter Themed Breakfast

First up is from Betty Crocker


Next up is this cute scrambled egg bunny! From I Love My Kids Blog

bunny pancake2

I love how simple this is! Bonus – the marshmallow teeth. My kids would attack those! This is from Sweet and Lovely


What about a chicken in an egg? Something different! From the Joys of Boys


And, finally, from Taste of Home! Love this bunny with his bum in the air! Cutie Pie. 

Well, that didn’t help at all! They are still hard to choose from. What’s your favorite way to bring in Easter morning?

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  1. Super cute Easter ideas! I especially love the pancake bunnies. Love your site. You are always so creative!

    • Melissa

      Thank you, Susan!I can’t take any credit for these cute pancakes. I wish I could! Thanks for the wonderful compliment. I really appreciate it.

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