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These Mason Jar Hot Chocolate Gifts for fall are so adorable and easy to make. Any child, or adult would love this as a gift. Perfect for your Hot Chocolate Bar at Halloween, Thanksgiving dinner or fall party.

hot chocolate gift for fall

Mason Jar Hot Chocolate Gift

What Goes Into a Hot Chocolate Kit?

Some ideas are…

  • powdered hot chocolate
  • marshmallows
  • candy – Soft Caramel Bits, Soft peppermint or Candy Corn are all great ideas
  • chocolate chips
  • cinnamon
  • sprinkles
  • Peeps
  • marshmallow shapes
  • toffee bits
  • powdered milk

mason jar hot chocolate kit

What Will Happen to the Candy Corn in Hot Liquid?

  • The candy corn should dissolve and possibly flavor the liquid

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Here’s What You’ll Need for These Mason Jar Hot Chocolate Kits for Fall…

hot chocolate gift idea


For each Mason Jar:

  • 8 oz. mason jar
  • about 1/2 cup of hot cocoa powder hot chocolate
  • about 1/8 cup of candy corn
  • about 1/4 cup of small marshmallows
  • Ribbon or rope



  • Fill each mason jar halfway with hot chocolate
  • Add a layer of candy corn
  • *the candy corn should melt in hot chocolate, but as a precaution – for children you could break the candy corn into bits by placing them into baggies and using a rolling pin to break them
  • Add a layer of marshmallows

diy hot chocolate gift

  • Add the lid and a ribbon or rope for decoration

easy mason jar hot chocolate gift

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