A Pot Of Gold at the end of a Rainbow Craft

Cute St. Patrick's Day craft!

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Here’s another addition to the St. Patrick’s Day table, a Pot of Gold at the End of A Rainbow Craft. Make these little pots of gold, and set them on shamrock cut-outs. Use them as place cards. Here’s what you’ll need:

For Each One:

A small green Styrofoam ball – I used 3 inch. (You can buy these in green, but if you can’t find green, just paint them with some green paint.)
Green Glitter
Spray Adhesive
Wooden beads – 4 for each pot of gold
Gold Extra Fine Glitter 
Gold Glitter Paper 
Glue gun 
3 Chenille Strips – Rainbow Colors
green glitter pipe cleaner
Small Shamrock cut outs, or cloud


Cute St. Patrick's Day craft!

  • Start by slicing off a small piece of the ball’s bottom. This is so it can stand on it’s own
  • Shave of a little from the top, too. A little more, that you did from the bottom (about 1/2 in.). You’re trying to make it look like a bowl shape
  • *If you need to paint yours green, you might want to get that done, and let it dry before moving on

Cute St. Patrick's Day craft!

  • Now, that you have your bowl shape. Turn the bowl over onto the back side of the glitter paper, so the top of your bowl can be a circle template. Trace the top of your bowl with a pen.
  • Cut the circle out of the glitter paper.
  • Cute St. Patrick's Day craft!
  • Cut your 3 chenille strips to about 4 inches
  • Stick one end of the strips into the top of the bowl, making sure they are off to one side
  • Glue your small shamrock to the end of your rainbow. This hides the uneven ends, and just finishes it off nicely
  • Spray your Styrofoam bowl with adhesive.
  • Avoiding your rainbow. Sprinkle glitter – generously.

Cute St. Patrick's Day craft!

  • Put some hot glue on the top of your bowl, and place your glitter paper circle onto the top of your bowl. (You’ll have to push down on your rainbow to get it to sit as level as possible. It’s OK, you can adjust your rainbow
  • Cut 2 little pieces off of your green glitter chenille – about 2 inches long for each one. Place them into the sides of the bowl to resemble handles
  • Put 3 wooden beads, in a circle formation, on top of your pot of gold. Stack one more on top
  • Spray these with adhesive
  • Sprinkle gold glitter onto the beads

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~Melissa – KidFriendlyThingsToDo.com

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