Substitute For Cream of Tartar – A DIY Home & Garden Tip

Emergency baking substitute for Cream of Tartar
With St. Patrick’s Day and Easter coming up soon, I thought you might be making a few or few dozen cookies. If you are anything like me, you might have the stage all set for baking and realize you are missing a very important ingredient. That’s what happened to me last Christmas when I started to make my Grandma’s Sugar Cookie recipe, and found NO CREAM OF TARTAR!  I’m...
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DIY Rustic Easter Wreath

Making a rustic Easter Wreath, for very little money. This cost me around $5 to make. Even if I didn't previously have a couple of the items - still under $15!
I’m no wreath expert. I believe the only other wreaths I’ve made are Halloween Wreaths. But, y’all , it’s really drab outside, and my house needed something cheerful on the front door. It needed a wreath. Unfortunately, it wasn’t in the budget to buy the wreath that I really wanted. Really, I had no choice, but to make my own. I even gathered my own twigs!...
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Repairing Your Rug’s Curling Edges – A DIY Post

DIY - Fixing a rug that has curled up
A couple of months ago, a corner  of my dining room area rug decided to curl up and stay that way. Not only did it look bad; I was nervous someone was going to trip over the rug, and whack their head right on the table. I even tried duct tape to get the dang corner to stay, but it was determined to stick up. Tutorials that I found on taming the curling edges of rugs were about smaller, lighter...
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Christmas Wreath Upcycled Into Valentine’s Day Wreaths

Updated my wreaths from Christmas to Valentine's Day by adding plush hearts in the middle!
I can’t believe my Christmas wreaths are still green! The frigid weather here, in the Midwest must be preserving their lushness! That makes me happy. There is nothing worse than a boring yard, in the middle of winter, with no color! One of the things I love to do as I drive around the back of the house is look at my Adirondacks. I keep the chairs weathered looking, but I like to add a...
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Simple “Felt & Clothespin” Heart Door Hanger

Rustic, Simple and Cute Valentine Door Hanger
Y’all, I don’t sew. Well, I take that back…I can sew by hand, and I used to cross stitch. That is the extent of my sewing talents. All major sewing projects go to my mother – the master quilter and sewing machine expert extraordinaire! Another confession (while I’m confessing) is that I have no patience for a long craft. That’s why fabri-tac and glue guns...
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The Coolest DIY Home & Garden Ideas

DIY Home & Garden Projects
Lately, half of my pins from my Pinterest accounts are repins of DIY projects. So…I’m thinking you guys are in the same mood as I am, and a lot of you might have the same problem areas! Here’s a collection of  some really cool tutorials to give us a little help in the DIY department.  I have just the bed in mind for this. I have a queen bed that’s been waiting to go on...
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