DIY Garden Labels With Kid’s Artwork Displayed – Kid Friendly Things To Do

Such sweet garden labels for your summer garden. Try this DIY Garden Label for Kids and display their artwork in the garden.

  • DIY Garden Labels For Kids

Garden Labels from kids…

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Let the kids draw garden labels and display them in these see-through plastic picture frames. I found these little plastic 3×5 picture frames at Wal-Mart for around $1.00. I thought they were perfect for the garden! I love the kids writing and drawings in the garden. Sure, from time to time, a little condensation creeps its way into the frame. But, the water drops dry and the picture is still perfectly fine.

Here’s what the kids did to make these frames.

  • I first replaced each shiny picture insert with a sheet of white drawing paper
  • DIY Garden Labels For Kids
  • The kids then drew their version of the various plants that we had in the garden with the name of each plant
  • DIY Garden Labels For Kids
  • I used packaging tape to seal the open edges, but you could go as far as gluing the edges with water-proof glue to better seal them
  • That’s it. We set them in the garden as sweet little labels that make me smile! 🙂

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