Cotton Ball DIY Fire Starters for Camping

It’s camping season time! What would camping be without cozy campfires? Today, I want to share a very simple DIY Fire Starter made with inexpensive cotton balls. Come on in and I’ll share how to make these Cotton Ball DIY Fire Starters for camping and backyard cozy fires…

Cotton Ball DIY Fire Starter Hack for camping

You most likely even have the 2 ingredients you need for this easy camping hack right now

DIY Cotton Ball Fire Starters without Wax

If not, you can easily grab the 2 super inexpensive ingredients needed for this easy DIY at any drugstore or pharmacy. 

DIY Fire Starters for Camping

What are the best fire starters that you’ve tried? I’d love to hear your fire starter experiences. There are so many great ideas in the world of camping. Another one that I’ve tried is using Dryer lint Fire Starters. A lot of people like to use wax with the dryer lint starter, but you can easily just add oil and ball it up.

Here’s What You’ll Need for this Cotton Ball DIY FIRE STARTER…

  • Petroleum Jelly 
  • Cotton Balls
  • Suggested – zip tight bag 

Instructions for this DIY Fire Starter

  • Use your cotton balls to scoop out a large amount of  petroleum jelly
  • Place the coated cotton balls in a zip tight bag or a bowl
  • If you are using a bag, seal it and start spreading the jelly all over to evenly coat the cotton balls. If they are in a bowl, use a silicone spatula or similar spoon to mix the jelly around coating the cotton balls 
  • You can transfer the coated cotton balls to a jar or other storage container. Or, you can leave them in the zip tight bag

Cotton Ball Fire Starter burning in campfire

  • When you are ready, build your fire the way that you like to and place a cotton ball fire starter at the bottom
  • Light the cotton ball with a match and watch it burn into action

Happy Camping everyone! 

~Melissa – Kid Friendly Things To Do 



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