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This is a super simple Paper Cup  craft. Use a white paper cup that the kids can decorate with markers and stickers. Cut a little slit in the cup for a door. If you want to get really crazy, add some sticks with hot glue to the top of your teepee! Here are some different ways you can use this teepee for the Thanksgiving table!:

A Paper Cup Teepee Craft for Thanksgiving!

  • Just a couple of notes about the construction of the teepee: The door is just a slanted cut. I used scissors to make a cut at an angle, and then just pulled the door open
  • I cut a circle out of construction paper as a floor for my teepee. I glued it to the bottom of the cup
  • For some teepees, I cut a hole in the roof
  • I hot glued sticks to the roof and pulled them together with a rubber band
  • Design Your Own Teepee - A Simple Thanksgiving Craft & Table Decoration
  • You can make the teepee ahead of time, and leave it by the plate settings along with stickers, and markers for the kids!
  • If you are a confident artist, draw an animal the Native Americans would have most likely hunted on the teepee
  • Leave crayons out for the kids to color in the animals!
  • Design Your Own Teepee - A Simple Thanksgiving Craft & Table Decoration
  • You could also cut out pictures of bison, and deer for the kids to glue on their teepee, or find animal stickers
  • Make a teepee from a paper cup
  • Or, leave a sample on a table, and plenty of kid-friendly supplies to let the kids craft their own


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