An Easy Kaleidoscope Craft From a Paper Plate and Cup

This is such a fun craft. The kids love walking around with their new Kaleidoscopes. I love how simple it was to make! Come on in and I’ll show you how to make this Easy Kaleidoscope Craft, today:

A Paper Plate and Cup Kaleidoscope

This is a great craft for a sunny day. It might require a trip to the birthday supply aisle for the cellophane paper, but everything else is probably already found right at home. 

Here’s what you’ll need for your Easy Kaleidoscope Craft…

  • A small paper plate
  • A Paper cup
  • Optional – stickers for decoration
  • Various Colorful Cellophane Treat bags –  cut into squares about 3×3 inches – find these in a birthday or celebration aisle of a department store (there is an image of them in the Amazon links below) 
  • *Optional, but so much fun – translucent and colorful beads
  • 1 piece of clear plastic Cellophane to place over the beads and contain them
  • Scissors 
  • Glue – Glue sticks would be great for gluing the cellophane sheets, but a stronger glue like using a warm glue gun would be perfect for adhering the cup to the plate 

Instructions for this Easy Kaleidoscope Craft…

  • A Paper Plate and Cup Kaleidoscope Simple Craft for Kids - A fun and simple craft for in preschool or any age!
  • Place the cup in the center of the plate and trace around it 
  • You’ll want to make your cut a tad smaller than the traced circle. Cut the traced circle out of the center of the plate
  • Overlap the cellophane squares over the open hole of the plate. Glue them down to secure
  • *If you want to add colorful beads – then add them to the top of the colorful plastic pieces, now. Glue another piece of clear cellophane LOOSELY over the gems to contain them. Not too tight. You want room for the beads to move and dance around 
  • Using the warm glue gun or a really strong glue…Put some glue onto the rim of the cup and press it down over the cellophane bag strips and the hole you cut out
  • Now, take the pencil you used before and push it down into the bottom/center of the cup to make a “looking” hole for little eyes to look through
  • Decorate the cup with stickers – if you like
A Paper Plate and Cup Kaleidoscope Simple Craft for Kids - A fun and simple craft for in preschool or any age!

  • Let the glue dry and then have fun with your Kaleidoscope! Turn the cup and plate together, while facing it toward a sunny spot! 

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  1. Rena

    Where do you find colored plastic pieces?

    1. Melissa

      You’ll want to go to the celebration aisle of a department store (I found mine at Walmart) and find the colored treat bags. I believe the exact term for the bags is cellophane treat bags. I also have put an Amazon link, above.