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Rudolph Bags are a fun and creative way to make Christmas Gift Bags for parties. This cute and simple Rudolph Gift Bag Craft for classroom and Christmas parties. Easy to make treat bag – perfect for the holidays. 

Rudolph Gift Bag Craft

Rudolph Gift Bag Craft

Reindeer gift bags

Twigs are a simple way to add a rustic touch and they are usually easy to come by.

Christmas Gift Bags

With a willow tree dropping branches like crazy, I have an abundant supply of twigs.


The twig antlers actually came about out of a moment of desperation. I had planned on taking Reindeer Food to my toddler’s preschool class for Christmas. I got my glue gun out, google eyes, pom-poms, bags, and found…NOT a thing for antlers. Nothing, Nada, Zip, Zilch. There I stood, arms full of supplies,  a really excited five year old and half a craft.  That’s when I thought of twigs for antlers, and nature saved the day.

Rudolph Christmas Bag Craft

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Here’s What You’ll Need to make your own Rudolph Bag Craft…

  • Red Pom-Pom – I like a medium sized nose, but use whatever you have on hand
  • Google Eyes – Large – about 1&1/2 inches
  • Twigs – Lightweight twigs are best
  • Low temp Glue Gun

How do you make a Rudolph Gift Bag?


  1. On the front of the bag – Glue eyes, and nose
  2. Cut the top sections of the twigs off of your branches – You’ll want end pieces that have a few sections to look more like antlers
  3. Turn the bag around and glue the twigs onto the back with the sections at the top – at the top on opposite sides

If You’d Like to add Reindeer Food to Your Bags like I did, then check out my post on Reindeer Food and Printable

~Melissa –

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  1. Victoria Burke

    My son is doing a gift exchange at school I love this and might wrap his gift for whomever in this bag. So creative. I love this and how easy it is.

    1. Melissa

      I’m so glad you like it. Thank you so much! Simple crafts are my favorite kind. Especially around the holidays! 🙂