Poor Mickey. With two girls in the house, he’s taken a backseat to his girl, Minnie Mouse! I thought he deserved a cupcake idea, too! This one is super easy! No fondant. Only chocolate frosting, Red fruit roll-ups, cookies, and marshmallows! Easy Breezy! Here’s How:

For each Mickey Mouse, You’ll Need:

  • A Cupcake Frosted With A Generous Amount Of Chocolate Frosting
  • A Red Fruit Roll Up
  • 2 Oreo Cookies
  • 2 Mini Marshmallows
  • Scissors

Now, on to the fun part!:

  • Easy Mickey Mouse Cupcake
  • Mickey’s Shorts – Using the width of your cupcake as your guide for the width – cut a piece of the fruit roll-up into the shape of a semi-circle
  • Easy Mickey Mouse Cupcake
  • The top (the straight edge) should go about halfway down the cupcake
  • Once you place the fruit roll-up onto the cupcake – you can trim the edges, if needed
  • If you want to make the red a little more vivid, you can cut one more semi-circle and add it to the top of this one.
  • Easy Mickey Mouse Cupcake
  • Now, with your leftover pieces of red fruit roll up, trim a couple of thin rectangle pieces for Mickey’s straps
  • Add those to the shorts
  • Easy Micky Mouse Cupake with fruit roll up and marshmallow pants! Brilliant! Great for birthday parties!
  • Add marshmallows for Mickey’s white buttons
  • Easy Mickey Mouse Cupcake
  • If you want to – you can trim the bottom of the cookies into a straight line by sawing them with a knife. I did not, but I didn’t have to transport mine very far. Place the cookies into the cupcake as you see above.
  • That’s it!

~Melissa – kidfriendlythingstodo.com 

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