Have you noticed that owls seem to be in every fall decor? I don’t remember them taking center stage like this, before. My oldest daughter used to have a fear of owls. Just the thought of one saying “WHO” next to her, was too much! The thing is, Every year, for a labor day tradition, we camp in our backyard. I remember, a few years back, during a game of flashlight tag the owls went crazy – whooting – right next to Abi. It’s like they knew, and they were teasing her! 

Here’s what we did to make our OWL cupcakes!

  • We baked chocolate cupcakes so our owls would look dark brown
  • owl cupcakes
  • We then used a star tip attached to a pastry bag, with chocolate frosting to cover each cupcake
  • owl cupcake
  • Then we added Mini Oreos – twisted apart so the whites show – for the eyes
  • And, we finished those off with Chocolate Chips
  • owl cupcake
  • I found the traditional Candy Corn colors of white, orange and yellow for the beak, which we placed between the eyes, pointing down
  • I found the Indian Corn – Candy Corn made by Brachs – their colors are brown, orange and white for the ears.
  • owl cupcake
  • That’s it! Aren’t they cute! I even tested them out on the kids, asking what animal they were. They all said owl! Success! Enjoy!

~Melissa – KidFriendlyThingsToDo.Com 

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