Gold Coin Shake {St. Patrick’s Day Game!}

Gold Coin Shake is such a fun game for St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a perfect game to play that’s fun for all ages. Make your St. Patrick’s Day extra special with this fun and easy-to-make family or party game.

St. Patrick's Day gold coin shake game

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My younger kids, teenagers, and I all had to try this fun guessing game. 

They get their competitive nature from me. They were so serious about listening intently to what was inside the cups. It was hard to get a photo of them laughing and having fun. 

Everyone was so determined to guess correctly.

St. Patrick's Day game for teens

I’m telling you right now, everyone will want to have their shot at figuring out what’s inside the cups and they will be just as determined to win! 

Here’s what you’ll need for this fun game…

Supplies Needed

  • Five green cups 
  • Plastic coins – you’ll need a total of 15 coins
  • A Large Green foam sheet cut into five circles for the bottom of each cup
  • Black foam sheet cut into five strips with the length matching the circumference of the cup
  • A Yellow foam sheet or Glitter Foam that is cut into five small squares for the cup decoration.
  • Glue – a low temp. a glue gun would work fine

Instructions on Setting up:  

  • use your cups to trace circles in the green foam and cut those out
  • Place one coin in cup 1
  • Two coins in cup 2
  • Three coins in cup 3 
  • Four coins in cup 4
  • Five coins in cup 5
  • Before you seal the cups, write the matching number of coins inside the cup discreetly onto the foam circle. Ensure it is not noticeable to the players, and do not let them know the correct number is written at the bottom. You will need it there to confirm if they guessed correctly.
  • Decorate cups with black foam strips and yellow squares, making them look like a St. Patrick’s Day hat.

Playing this fun St. Patrick’s Day Game:

  • Turn the cups upside down with the foam bottom directly on the table and mix them up.
  • Have players sit down, and when you are ready, say go – you can time them if you want
  • Players will pick up the cups and shake them – listening for the number of coins inside.
  • They have to place them in order from one coin to five coins
  • When they are done, you can flip them over to reveal the number on the bottom to see if they have ordered them correctly
Gold Coin Shake Game for St. Patrick's Day

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St. Patrick's Day game for kids
Cold Coin Shake - St. Patrick's Day Game

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