Backyard Amazing Race Patriotic Edition

Hilarious and fun Summer Amazing Race Challenges with a Patriotic Theme to play outdoors for kids, teens, and adults. These Amazing Race Ideas are perfect for Fourth of July parties and summer birthday parties!

amazing race patriotic edition

Amazing Race Outdoor Game Ideas

The Amazing Race – A New Family Tradition and fun outdoor game to play with everyone. I love traditions. I know how meaningful these family ceremonies are in keeping the roots of the family spreading deep. So, I try my best to have the little traditions we carry on as a family of six and the important traditions that include a larger family spectrum (Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Friends, and Grandparents). With everyone home for a bit, I thought starting a Fourth of July, American-Themed Amazing Race would be fun. Everyone had so much fun that the Halloween-themed Amazing Race is in the works. Maybe you’ll be inspired to make your version of our Amazing Race Tradition. Here’s what I did to pull off my idea of Our First Annual Patriotic Themed Amazing Race.

Are you looking for fun outdoor games to play this summer? Check out some of these fun ideas…




In addition, I will list all specific materials within each task that are specific to the Amazing Race Challenges I’m describing.


These tasks should be laid out in different areas around the yard. Have supplies ready and set out for each team to complete their task at each location


  • Select Judges – They won’t participate in tasks, but they will need to wait in specific locations and approve or disapprove of the team’s task completion.
  • Give Judges a list of all tasks to be completed so they can instruct teams on what to do next.
  • Divide the rest of the group into teams – pairing kids with adults.


Patriotic Amazing Race Family Tradition Idea

Prizes are always a great incentive for team games, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money. I made Statue of Liberty foil crowns and bought Leis at the Dollar Tree for our prizes.

Tasks and Playing the Game

Once everyone has seen the prizes they are competing for and have been divided into teams, you will read aloud the first task

Patriotic Amazing Race Family Tradition Idea

Task #1

Make an Uncle Sam’s Hat


Assorted ribbons

Glue – both fabric glue, and tacky glue

Other supplies for securing hats might include tape, stapler, and string

Fabric – Examples include bandanas, felt sheets, cotton material from the fabric department

Large plastic cups and Bowls

Fun decorations like Spinners, Flags, Stars, Balloon Sprays – I found all of this at The Dollar Tree


Set all supplies on a common table for people to grab from.

Mark Station with a Station One Sign


Use the materials provided to make an Uncle Sam hat – the hat must be red, white, and blue

The hat must stay on a team-mate’s head when walking from point A to point B

Fast Forward Option for Task One

Creativity during this task is encouraged and rewarded a Fast Forward. During their next task, the judges will let that team know who they think made the most creative hat and that they have won a fast-forward.

Patriotic Amazing Race Family Tradition Idea

Some of the hats were truly amazing

After Completion

As each team had that requirement completed, they were to report to a judge for task #2

Patriotic Amazing Race Family Tradition Idea

Task #2

Counting Stars


Printable Cardstock

Star Spangled Banner Printable for Task 2

Small American Flags on Sticks – Get a good amount of them

Prepping and Setting Up

Print off Star Spangled Banner Printables for each team to use

Hide American Flags all over the yard

Mark Station Two with a Station Two Sign


As teams approach station two, the judge at station two will hand out Star Spangled Banner Cards

A card with an excerpt from the Star-Spangled Banner reads “Find the American symbols described above in the yard. Find and count them, but do not pick them up. Tell the judges your total. If you are right, then you will get the next clue. If you are wrong, try again.”

Teams should report to the judges the total number of American Flags. If correct, the judges should assign them their next task (task 3).

Super Yield Card

This would be a great task for handing out a Super Yield Card. The first team to complete this task is awarded a Super Yield Card, which they can give to any team at any time. That team will have to sit out for 3 minutes at the beginning of the next task.

Task #3

America – Built on Hard Work and Determination


Wagons or Wheelbarrows

Heavy or Bulky Objects like flowers in planters, rocks, bricks, or something similar

Note: If you have a yard project needing work, this is a great time to use your helping hands


Set a sign out for Station Three

Place wagons and wheelbarrows under the sign


Teams should locate (planters, rocks, etc…). Place (number amount) in your wagon. Transport them to (____). A judge will ensure you have completed the task correctly and hand you the next task card.

Patriotic Amazing Race Family Tradition Idea

Task #4

Teepee Construction


Sticks from the yard. If you don’t have trees to gather sticks from, you can use popsicle craft sticks instead.

String, scissors, and Glue


I would suggest making an example to leave by this station for players to use as an example


Using the example, teams must construct a teepee. A judge will be there to approve the completion of the teepee and hand out task #5

Patriotic Amazing Race Family Tradition Idea

Task #5

American Pastime

(Making a DIY Patriotic Checkerboard)


White Fabric for each team cut to a 16″x16″ square

Colorful fabric – each team will need 16 red and 16 blue squares, all cut to 2″x2“. Scrap material or bandanas work great for this craft

Fabric Glue – A few bottles to go around or one per team. This can be expensive, so hopefully, they can share the glue


It is a good idea to make an example ahead of time for this task. Here’s how to make a DIY Fabric Checkerboard

Set out a large table as a workstation and place a Station Five sign at the station.

Set out white square fabric pieces for each team, and place a pile of the smaller colorful fabric onto the center of the table.

Make sure to leave fabric glue for everyone to use


Create a Red, White, and Blue Checkerboard out of fabric squares using the glue and fabric provided.

The trick is to make an X with the colorful square and then fill in the rest to form a checkerboard.

Upon completion, report to the final Pit Stop and judge for approval

Note: We like to use bottle caps as checkers

Patriotic Amazing Race Family Tradition Idea

Finally, the winners of The First Annual Patriotic Amazing Race!

Patriotic Amazing Race Family Tradition Idea


Roadblock: I like the idea of giving out a roadblock. The judge would hand this out along with a task. The team has to pick only one member that they think can finish the task. A clue is usually given like, Who likes nature? Which one of you has a sweet tooth?

Let me know in the comments if you came up with another fun idea for this post and I’ll add it for others to enjoy.

Amazing Race Road Block Ideas:

Place a sticker in the bottom of a small amount of mini paper cups. Fill several mini paper cups with a handful of M&Ms or Cheerios. A member must toss back cups of M&Ms until they find one with a sticker.

One member must run through an obstacle course you have already set up.

A team member must make a root beer float and serve it to the judges. Or, follow a mocktail recipe and serve that to the judges.

Amazing Race Speedbump Cards and Their Meaning

Roadblock: One person on the team must perform and complete a task, such as pulling weeds, dancing, jumping jacks, etc.

Fast Forward – If a team is awarded a fast forward, they get to skip one task

Super Yield – If a team gets a super yield, they have to sit for three minutes at the next task before beginning

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