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Patriotic Amazing Race Family Tradition Idea

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The Amazing Race – A New Family Tradition! I love traditions. I know how meaningful these family ceremonies are in keeping the roots of the family spreading deep. So, I try my best to not only have our little traditions we carry on as a family of six, but to also have the important traditions that include a larger family spectrum (Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and Grandparents). With everyone home for a bit, I thought it would be fun to start a Fourth of July, American Themed, Amazing Race. Everyone had so much fun, that now the Halloween Themed Amazing Race is  in the works! Maybe you’ll be inspired to make your own version of our Amazing Race Tradition! Here’s what I did to pull of my idea of a The First Annual Patriotic Themed Amazing Race.:


  • I divided the group of 8 participants into 3 teams – pairing adults with kids (in trying to keep the little kids with their favorite cousins, teams were not necessarily even)
  • I made up 5 different tasks that each team would have to complete and wrote them on note cards – I wrote specific requirements that would need to be approved by judges before moving on to the next task
  • Each team received a copy of the task, so I had to make duplicate copies
  • Patriotic Amazing Race Family Tradition Idea
  • Once I had my task ideas down, I set out enough materials, in each location for each team to complete the task – including enough glue, fabric, wagons, flags set out, etc.
  • I also purchased some inexpensive necklaces for the winning team, and asked some of the kids to make tin foil Statue of Liberty Crowns!
  • I gave the judges tasks to hand out to teams, as they completed each requirement

The Race:

  • Patriotic Amazing Race Family Tradition Idea
  • Once the judges were in place (my mom and dad), I called everyone to the starting bench, and showed them the necklaces and crowns they could potentially win! – There was a lot of excitement over the prizes!
  • Patriotic Amazing Race Family Tradition Idea
  • I announced the teams – again a lot of excitement, sizing up of the competition, and friendly competitive remarks (mostly from the college age nephews, and my husband!)
  • I read aloud the first task:
  • Patriotic Amazing Race Family Tradition Idea
  • Task #1 – Use the materials provided near the barn to make an Uncle Sam hat – the hat must be red, white, and blue, and must stay on a team-mate’s head when walking from point A to point B
  • I yelled – GO – Everyone ran to the craft table!
  • **In hindsight, I should have been more strict in the requirements, because my husband threw out all creativity, and convinced my very creative nephew to only fulfill the absolute least of the requirements. No fair! Next year, there will be many more specifications.
  • Patriotic Amazing Race Family Tradition Idea
  • Some of the hats were truly amazing!
  • As each team had that requirement completed, they were to report to me for task #2
  • Patriotic Amazing Race Family Tradition Idea
  • Task #2 – A card with an excerpt from the Star Spangled Banner was handed to the teams. Under the excerpt, it read “find the American symbols described above in the hay rolls. **They were to count the number of American flags hidden in the hay field! To receive task # 3, you will have to  Report to Greema (our name for Grandma) with the correct number.
  • Patriotic Amazing Race Family Tradition Idea
  • Task #3 – Task #3 was to locate a wagon – placed somewhere in the yard, and find the sign that says “Rocks”. They were to collect 20 rocks, and take them to the culvert.
  • The dog even joined in!
  • Patriotic Amazing Race Family Tradition Idea
  • A judge (Papa) would be there to make sure the rocks were placed correctly, before handing out task #4 ( I don’t know how that relates to America, but it was fun, and Papa needed rocks in his culvert!)
  • Patriotic Amazing Race Family Tradition Idea
  • Task #4 – Using the example by the fire pit, gather sticks and create a teepee. A judge (again, Greema) will be there to approve completion of the teepee and hand out task #5
  • Patriotic Amazing Race Family Tradition Idea
  • Task #5 – Using the fabric glue, and fabric provided, create a Red, White, and Blue Checkerboard out of fabric squares. Upon completion report to the judge for approval (me)!
  • Patriotic Amazing Race Family Tradition Idea
  • The winners of The First Annual Patriotic Amazing Race!
  • There was a lot of talk from the other teams about the lameness of the first Uncle Sam hat, and I have to agree. I couldn’t prove it, but I think there was a little cheating too! It will be much harder on the next Amazing Race Challenge
  • We will also include Road Blocks – Teams will be able to place a picture of another team on a pole as a Road Block. If a team finds their picture there, they will have to complete a side task – pulling weeds, or something fun like that! This way, the teams falling behind will have a chance to catch up.
  • Patriotic Amazing Race Family Tradition Idea
  • All in all, it was a success! It can only get more elaborate, and challenging as we go! Another tradition to keep up with, and look forward to!
  • Patriotic Amazing Race Family Tradition Idea

~Melissa – – crafts, recipes, fun foods, party ideas, and fun things to do with your whole family!


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