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I have noticed this post in the top 10 posts, lately. That clued me into Earth Day being just around the corner. And, by Just Around The Corner, I mean it’s in 7 days! So, I’m bringing this post to the front page, where it belongs. Here it is:


Can someone tell the Easter bunny, and Earth Day to “not” come so close together?! Phew! I don’t even have my craft supplies unpacked yet! 🙁 Thank goodness some other bloggers are on the ball, and Pinterest can lead me to them! I love these ideas, and yes…I will be gathering the kids around the table for one of these cute, sentimental hand print earth crafts! Awe! Here are the links to these fabulous ideas!

  • Earth Day Ideas for kids!
  • This is from Unique Teaching Resources! As a former teacher…I am drawn to the teaching printables! I  can’t help it! It’s in my blood, and this one spoke to me! I love it!
  • Earth Day Ideas for Kids!
  • This is from I Can Teach My Child!  I absolutely adore this!
  • Earth Day Ideas
  • This one comes from Housing A Forest! The students in this class had a real treat with this craft! So much fun!
  • Earth Day Ideas
  • This one is perfect, perfect for those preschool teachers out there! Oh, how the parents will adore these!!!! This one comes to you from Moments of Mommyhood!
  • Earth Day Ideas for kids!
  • What a great idea to center the hand print for this globe! You can never have too many hand prints…well as long as they are not directly painted on my wall! Yes…my kids have done that, too! This idea is from Apples and ABC’s!
  • pond
  • I think that for a follow up activity, I will take my kids to the pond, and have them help me clean it up a little! It’s an Earth Day project, and work that I need done! Sounds perfect to me. 🙂

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