These spotted Easter eggs are the result of a cool idea on Pinterest, a great idea from my daughter, and my impatience! Here’s what we did to Make Cool Spotted Easter Eggs!

  • I started out with the idea of the shaving cream marbled eggs on Pinterest – Original Source Here
  • Then I got to work on our Shaving Cream Eggs
  • Spotted Easter Eggs
  • I gave each kid their own bowl, and squirted shaving cream into the bowls
  • Then, I hesitantly handed over my precious food coloring for each kid to squirt at will
  • Spotted Easter Eggs
  • I then gave each  a stick to make criss-cross motions in the shaving cream – spreading the food color around
  • Spotted Easter Eggs
  • Then, I told everyone roll their eggs back and forth – not too much though or the result will be one boring color
  • Spotted Easter Eggs
  • Then, following the tutorial I had everyone set their eggs down and wait for them to dry
  • Wating, waiting, waiting…
  • That’s when Abi suggested putting them in the oven to speed up the process – Awesome!
  • I decided to create a little experiment and leave some out to dry while I placed most in the oven
  • Spotted Easter Eggs
  • The ones that were left out to air dry were cool enough
  • These cool spotted Easter eggs were a complete accident. What a fun way to decorate eggs with the kids!
  • But, the ones that were placed in the oven were So Super Cool!!!!! We call the black one a Spider Man Web!
  • I placed the oven on 350 degrees and left the eggs in there for about 10-15 minutes!
  • Suggested Supplies:

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