Make a Cute Fairy Farm for Your Fairies and Kids in the Garden

Invite the fairies to visit your Fairy Farm this summer! Complete with a little country home and clothes hanging on the line ot dry. Check out these fun and simple ideas to make the garden even more special for the kids! Come on in and I’ll show you what we’ve been up to and why my kids are so excited about these ideas:

DIY fairy farm

After we set up our little country home and fairy farm, Ella swore she saw a glowing light zoom past it at night! She is so excited to see evidence of fairies each morning. They always leave a little pixie dust behind to let us know they’ve visited. So fun!

Here’s What We Made for our Barnyard Set Up:

  • Hay bales
  • Barn
  • Tire Swing

Here’s What You’ll Need for the Barn Section of this craft:

  • A small birdhouse barn
  • Red paint pen
  • white paint pen
  • moss for the roof
  • natural raffia
  • floral wire
  • an old lego car tire
  • some string

We also had:
(I found these at Michael’s Craft store)

  • A small tractor
  • a weather vein



  • cut a bunch of raffia into strips that are about 2 inches long – bunch them together
  • wrap the floral wire around the raffia on both ends


  • I used paint pens to paint a barn birdhouse – The kids also painted birdhouses with paint pens. It’s so nice to have paint pens. Very little mess, and they can really get creative with embellishments
  • we added moss to the roof with a warm glue gun

Tire Swing:

  • I pulled a tire off of one of the kids old toys and tied some string to it
  • we found a twig that had an arm extending out to tie the swing onto
Fairy Clothes Line

The farm comes complete with a little country cottage for the fairies. They can hang their clothes out to dry on this fun clothesline. We even have a little garden gate to welcome them home.

Here’s what was made for the country home:

  • A house
  • Clothesline with clothes
  • a garden gate
  • a butterfly

You’ll Need:

  • a miniature birdhouse that has a little fence (found mine at Michael’s)
  • moss
  • white paint – a white paint pen, or white spray paint
  • 5 medium sized popsicle sticks
  • a Sharpie
  • felt cut into clothes
  • mini clothespins
  • pipe cleaner
  • a silk flower petal that has 4 sections



  • paint the house completely white and add moss to the roof with warm glue


  • paint the popsicle sticks white
  • arrange the popsicle sticks like the picture of the gate and glue the sticks together – I used a warm glue gun
  • write welcome with a Sharpie


  • wrap a piece of pipe cleaner around two sticks – one on each end of the pipe cleaner
  • push the sticks into the ground
  • attach your felt clothes with mini clothespins


  • pin a mini clothespin in the middle of a 4 petal flower and clip it to a leaf nearby
Make summer magical. Invite fairies to your fairy farm and cute country home this summer. A cute and easy DIY with the kids!

We have a sign posted to show the fairies just where to find everything, like the pixie dust in the picture.

Here’s What You’ll Need For the Fairy Sign:

  • medium colorful clothespins
  • fine tip paint pen – white
  • a sturdy stick

Pixie Dust – I found mine at Michael’s Craft Store


  • use the pen to write destinations and arrows on the clothespins
  • attach the clothespins to the stick and push it in the ground
Pipe cleaner fairies for you fairy garden DIY -

Need fairies for your Fairy Garden? Here’s a link to these Pipe Cleaner Fairies


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