How To Make A Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkin With Hand Print Leaves

Sweet Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkin With Hand Prints for Leaves! Cute for fall and Thanksgiving crafts -
If you don’t mind sacrificing a roll or two of toilet paper, these little toilet paper pumpkins are a sweet, sweet keepsake. I love walking by them, and seeing the cute little hand prints leaves. It makes me smile, every time!  Here’s what you’ll need for your toilet paper pumpkin with hand print leaves: Roll of toilet paper Quilter’s Batting – cut...
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Egg Carton Spider Craft

Egg Carton Spider Craft - Perfect for Halloween or a unit on Bugs! -
These Egg Carton Spiders were so much fun to do with the kids. This is a great craft for little ones, and so adorable for Halloween parties, or a unit on bugs in class!   I let my five year old paint the egg holders, attach the eyes, and the legs himself. He had so much fun! He kept holding each spider up to me, and saying, “Mom, isn’t this one adorable?!” – So cute!...
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DIY – Making Bath Salts

DIY Bath Salt Craft - A great gift for kids to make. It looks like layered sand art! Perfect for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Teacher's Gift - so many possibilities!
I am giving some old posts a face lift, and re-posting them. This craft is perfect for Mother’s Day gifts! Bath salts make such a great gifts, and they are so much fun to make. The craft is really, a lot like sand art. You can really get carried away making some fun designs! The end result is a nice fragrant, healing bath salt to give away or use yourself. Here’s the tutorial...
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A Fall or Thanksgiving Hand Print Tree Craft – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Cute, and simple hand print craft for Fall or Thanksgiving Craft! Great ideas on turning this into a Thankful Tree for little kids!
I could see this adorable fall tree craft easily turned into a Thankful Tree Craft! I love the simplicity of using a paper plate, and some ripped up pieces of construction paper. I love that it looks like a toddler made this, and not his perfectionist mother! Preaching to myself! Where was I…oh! Easily turn this into a Thanksgiving craft by simply writing what your thankful for on the...
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A Fall Party Scarecrow Craft – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Oh my gosh! If you change this out to a plastic bottle for little ones, it's perfect for Fall, and Halloween Parties! Love it! From Housing A Forest .com
How perfect is this adorable Scarecrow craft for your Halloween, or fall party?!!!  Find this tutorial at Housing A Forest! Of course – being the kid friendly lady…I would modify it a smidge for little ones – Here are a couple of minor suggestions:   Make sure it’s a plastic bottle! & For those that need a NON Candy approach – fill it with raffia -or-...
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DIY Fall Porch Ideas – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Glorious Fall, Great ideas for beautiful fall porches!
Fall, glorious fall! I want all of the beautiful fall porches…all of them! Hmm…I wonder if I have 80 pumpkins in my budget this month?! I wish! Oh well…enjoy these beautifully decorated fall porches. Maybe you’ll get inspired to chop some corn out of your dad’s garden, like I did! 😉 I might be able to pull this one off! I’ll be off bargain hunting for some...
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