Grilled Pesto Zucchini and Salami Flatbread Pizza Recipe

Grilled Pesto Zucchini and Salami Naan Bread Pizza Recipe - Delicious and so easy to make. Perfect for appetizers or a meal!
I have made this twice over the summer and each time it’s been devoured by my family. I know I always say it, but it’s true…I love the simple things! When you can slap some pesto sauce on some bread, throw on some more stuff, grill it and call it a day, I’m in! Another bonus to this recipe is the use of all that zucchini you’ve been picking from your garden! Come on...
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Campfire Crescent Roll Pizza Pockets

Campfire, Grill or Baked - whichever works for you, Crescent Roll Pizza Pockets -
Just the other night, I decided that I needed to make another summer fun food to enjoy and share on the blog. So far, I’ve made Corn on the Cob Rice Krispies, Easy Ice Cream Beaches, and even Sweet Tea Popsicles. They are all a ton of fun (which I love), but it’s time for another. The kids love it when we have backyard campfires, so I thought that these Crescent Roll Pizzas would be...
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South of the Border Mexican Pie Recipe

Wow! This Mexican Casserole Recipe is amazing! Amazing and easy to make!
Just Wow! Wow! This is a recipe from an old friend of my mothers. It’s an oldie and still a darn goodie!        A cornbread crust and layers of deliciousness! It’s like a fiesta in your mouth! Here’s the recipe: So South of the Border Mexican Pie 2016-04-23 06:47:25 Write a review Save Recipe Print Cornmeal Crust 1/3 cup of softened butter 1 cup of flour 1/4...
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The Best Mexican Pie Casserole Recipe

Mexican Pie Casserole Recipe - the best and easy to make! -
The best tasting Mexican casserole, ever! This is an old fashioned recipe from my childhood church potluck dinners. I’m just going to say that you have got to try this! Layers of yumminess are in this delicious dish.   Here’s a video tutorial to help with the recipe:  Here’s the recipe: The Best Mexican Pie Casserole 2016-03-22 06:18:56 Serves 4 Write a review Save...
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Olive Garden’s Copycat Minestrone Soup Recipe

Olive Garden's Copycat Minestrone Soup Recipe - Wow! This really tastes just like the one from Olive Garden! Delicious! -
Here it is! By special request…my version of Olive Garden’s Minestrone Soup!  I think you’re gonna want to try this one. It’s pretty darn yummy, if I do say so, myelf. 😉   What a great fall weekend! My boy, blonde #7 was so much fun to watch in soccer! Boy, I had no idea what a competitive person I was until soccer got competitive. It’s fun and stressful...
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Grilled Greek Naan Pizza Recipe

Grilled Greek Naan Pizzas Recipe - These are the most amazingly simple pizzas. Perfect for holiday appetizers, summer BBQs, or a family dinner at home!
You will absolutely love this Grilled Greek Naan Pizza. Not only is it beautiful, it’s simple, and dang delicious!  Here’s all you’ll need. Easy, Peasy! I love anything on Naan bread. Love the stuff!  This is one of the recipes that I reviewed for Taste of Home, this month. As soon as I saw a grilled pizza in the magazine, I was all over it! I think this would make a...
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